Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Field Description

The Field of Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS) provides students with the opportunity to pursue a MPH or MPS degree at the number one College of Veterinary Medicine in the country (US News and World Report).

Cornell University offers a campus-wide Master of Public Health (MPH) program that creates public health leaders who are inspired, developed, and trained to ensure the health of people, animals, and the world in which we live.

Cornell’s MPH program is founded on the “Planetary Health” paradigm which focuses on the multiple types of relationships connecting humans, animals, and the environment. This paradigm recognizes that we must take a trans-disciplinary approach to public health issues, encourages us to draw from the best practices of complementary disciplines, and allows us to look beyond traditional human health models.

The program is led by experts from multiple fields across the university to reinforce a multidisciplinary approach that prepares graduates to tackle diverse public health issues at the municipal, state, national, and international levels.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Veterinary Medical Sciences is a new degree program at the College of Veterinary Medicine. The first concentration being offered is Veterinary Parasitology. This MPS program is designed for individuals who seek to enhance their careers with specialized professional training in Veterinary Parasitology. Professionals and workers in industry, government or non-governmental organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the flexible nature of the program. The MPS degree can be completed in one year, and provides rigorous training in all aspects of parasitology at one of the nation’s top Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. The MPS in Veterinary Medical Sciences at Cornell is unique in the country, and provides the opportunity for registered students to:

  • Take in-depth and comprehensive courses covering a range of highly relevant topics
  • Get hands-on lab experiences, with options to pursue experiences at labs around the country
  • Develop and prepare a capstone project

Courses and labs are offered in a hybrid manner (mix of online and residential formats) that is friendly to the working professional. Graduates of the MPS program will be competitive for positions in industry, federal and state government, and academia.

Contact Information

Phone: 607 253-3276

College of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Graduate Education

S2-13 Schurman Hall, Box 38
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401

Data and Statistics

Subject and Degrees

Public Health

Veterinary Medical Sciences

Concentrations by Subject

Public Health

  • food systems for health
  • infectious disease epidemiology

Veterinary Medical Sciences

  • veterinary parasitology


Dwight Douglas Bowman

  • Campus: Ithaca
  • Concentrations: Veterinary Medical Sciences: veterinary parasitology
  • Research Interests: parasitology

Soon Hon Cheong

  • Campus: Ithaca
  • Concentrations: Public Health: infectious disease epidemiology
  • Research Interests: biochemistry and cell biology, epidemiology, infection and immunity, genetics and genomics, reproductive biology, stem cell biology, wildlife conservation

Kevin J. Cummings

  • Campus: Ithaca
  • Concentrations: Public Health: food systems for health; infectious disease epidemiology
  • Research Interests: epidemiology/infection and immunity

Alexander J.A. Travis

  • Campus: Ithaca
  • Concentrations: Public Health: food systems for health; infectious disease epidemiology
  • Research Interests: comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation

Gary R Whittaker

  • Campus: Ithaca
  • Concentrations: Public Health: food systems for health; infectious disease epidemiology
  • Research Interests: virology cell biology; biochemistry