Student Communities

Students talking

Individuals are central to our notion of community, and it’s the collection of inspiring students, dedicated faculty, and caring administrators who make Cornell a community that is easy to call home. Below we’ve compiled a list of communities that our graduate students typically join in order to encourage your active participation in the broader university community.

International Students: International Services is available to assist international students, academic staff, and their families by advising on U.S. federal immigration, tax, and labor regulations; by providing counseling on personal, academic, and cultural matters; and by promoting cross-cultural awareness in the Cornell community.

LGBT Students: The Cornell Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center has a wide variety of resources, information about the LGBT community at Cornell, and ways to become involved.

Students of Color: The Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement has a wide variety of resources, information about the students of color graduate and professional community at Cornell, and ways to become involved.

Students with Families: We recognize that some of our students embark on this new journey with partners and/or children. Our Students with Families website compiles information about resources, ways to stay informed and get involved, along with valuable contact information.

Student Veterans: The Graduate School has a supportive community that includes other veterans among our faculty, staff, and your graduate and professional student peers. Cornell’s military community is a clearinghouse for information and resources for veterans among our faculty, staff, and students.

Womens Communities: There are numerous graduate and professional student organizations designed to promote a more vibrant campus community by supporting women students in their personal and educational pursuits at Cornell.

General Clubs, Engagement, and Community-Building Opportunities

Campus Clubs: Although graduate and professional students are welcome to join most Cornell organizations, the Graduate School has over 300 student organizations that specifically support graduate and professional students.

Cornell United Religious Work (CURW): Comprising 30 affiliated communities, CURW offers programs of worship, study, and social activities, as well as opportunities for students to engage in interfaith dialogue.

David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement: Dedicated to advancing community-engaged learning and public service across the university, this center opens new pathways for Cornellians to embrace the university’s land-grant mission to improve lives in New York state, across the nation, and around the world.

Student Governance: The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) is the official voice of graduate and professional students at Cornell. In addition to representing the students in matters of university governance, the GPSA has the responsibility of setting and administering the student activity fee for graduate and professional students.