Student Experience

The Graduate School values student health and well-being as a foundation for academic and life success. We encourage you to get involved with the greater Cornell and Ithaca community and reach out to us if you need guidance or support.

Students outside the Big Red Barn during TGIF

Big Red Barn

The  Big Red Barn Graduate and Professional Student Center (the Barn) is located in the heart of campus and surrounded by lawns and gardens. A central place for socializing and relaxing, the Big Red Barn hosts more than 500 events per year. 

Office of Graduate Student Life

In recognition that health and academic performance are intimately linked, the Office of Student Life at the Graduate School is a source of support and advocacy for Cornell graduate and professional students.

Help and Support

Graduate school is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, and sometimes challenging. It can be helpful to reach out to someone. In addition to talking with your already established networks (i.e. your friends, family, or mentors), other Cornell individuals can provide valuable information and caring support. 

Student Communities

Individuals are central to our notion of community, and it’s the collection of inspiring students, dedicated faculty, and caring administrators who make Cornell a community that is easy to call home. Explore our list of communities that our graduate students typically join in order to encourage your active participation in the broader university community. 

Student Life Programs

The Office of Graduate Student Life develops and coordinates  student life programs and events that build and sustain a vibrant, supportive graduate and professional student community. This programming focuses on topics related to maintaining a healthy student life, including stress management, sense of community, life-academic balance, and support for students’ personal development. 

Student Governance

The Cornell University Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA)  serves as an official voice for the around 6,000 graduate and professional students at Cornell. In addition to representing the students in matters of university governance, the GPSA has the responsibility for setting and administering the Student Activity Fee for graduate and professional students. 

Student Perks and Discounts

There are numerous discounts and freebies for Cornell graduate students available at Cornell and beyond.