Student Perks and Discounts

Ithaca Commons

Cornell has a number of resources to help you stay on track with your personal budgeting plan. Below is a sampling of discounts and freebies for Cornell graduate students available at Cornell and beyond. There are also several national associations that offer free or discounted memberships to graduate students.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, some of the services and opportunities below may not be available at this time.

Budget and Personal Finance Resources

  • Personal Finance (Offers resources specific to Cornell and resources from around the web to help you budget and save)
  • GradSense (From the Council of Graduate Schools with finance and budget information for graduate students)
  • UCLA’s fellowship database (Searchable database for graduate and postdoc funding)
  • CashCourse (Customizable information about personal finances)

Academic Resources and Services

Entertainment and Retail Savings

Transportation and Travel Opportunities

  • TCAT Bus (All registered Cornell students receive unlimited rides on all TCAT buses for their first year, and after 6 p.m. weekdays, and anytime Saturday and Sunday for their subsequent years when using their CU ID card at the farebox)
  • Campus to Campus Bus (Discounted tickets for Cornell students and staff)
  • Short Line Bus to/from New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island (Discounted weekend fare for Cornell students)
  • Research and Conference Travel Grants (Funding for research degree student travel)
  • SUNY Perks at Work (Discounts on many products, including a comprehensive travel planner)

Fitness and Wellness Services

Emergency Funds

Additional Discounts Beyond Cornell