Paid Sick Leave for Assistantships


Graduate assistants (TA, RA, GRA, GA) are eligible for a paid sick time benefit under New York State law. While students in assistantship positions often have considerable flexibility to adjust their schedules and duties, the policy is designed to provide further assurances that students won’t feel pressure to perform.

Eligible assistants:

  • Accrue 0.2917 days per pay period for a total of seven paid sick days if appointed for a full 12-month calendar year. Students with less than a 12-month appointment will receive a prorated amount using the same accrual rate. Students began accruing leave on September 30, 2020 and are eligible to begin using the leave on January 1, 2021.

Interim Policy 6.9, Time Away from Work: Sick Leave (New York State) has been issued (within University Policy 6.9, Time Away From Work), and will offer additional protections for graduate assistants who become ill and need time away from their duties.

Paid sick leave can be used for:

  • Personal or family members’ mental or physical illness,
  • Diagnosis, care, or treatment of personal or family member’s mental or physical illness,
  • Absences related to domestic violence, family offenses, sexual offenses, stalking, and human trafficking.

Full details of the policy are available within the Sick Leave section of University Policy 6.9, Time Away From Work. Leave can be viewed and requested within Workday.



Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration