All registered students are charged tuition during each semester of the academic year. Tuition varies with field and degree program.  

University assistantships and fellowships generally include tuition. 

If you are not receiving tuition support from Cornell, the tuition rates page will help you budget.

While tuition cannot be “waived,” students may receive a full or partial credit.

Tuition Credits:

  • Assistantships and fellowships – Students who receive standard university assistantships (teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate research assistants, and graduate assistants) or fellowships generally receive full tuition support from Cornell.
  • Professional student funding – Professional students may receive funding from their field or department that will be applied as a tuition credit.
  • Loans – Student loans can be applied toward tuition costs.

In Absentia Tuition:

  • Full-time students in good academic standing may petition for in absentia status if they will be greater than 100 miles from campus during the academic year while continuing to engage in research, scholarship, or study under the guidance of their special committee.  The tuition charge for this status is $200 per semester. 



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