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Perspectives: Friend or Foe?

Would you describe yourself as one with "perfectionist tendencies?"  Do you have a friend that calls you a perfectionist?  Learn the characteristics and definition of being a perfectionist, how this can impact your performance as a graduate student, and more importantly, how you can make a change. 

Presenter: Dr. Wai-Kwong Wong, PhD, Cornell Health Counseling and Psychological Services.

Lunch Provided at 12:15 pm

All-Network Teaching-as-Research Presentations

Hear graduate students and postdocs from across the CIRTL Network share the results of their Teaching-as-Research (TAR) projects in this online presentation session. TAR projects investigate questions about teaching and learning, including assessing the effectiveness of specific learning activities and tools, examining the learning process about a specific topic, or characterizing the student experience in the classroom. This event is an excellent opportunity for prospective and current TAR students to learn more about the process of carrying out a TAR project.

CIRTLCast: Topics in STEMinism - Strategies for Inclusive Undergraduate STEM Education

In this CIRTLCast Semiar series, examine how social and cultural contexts shape the experiences of undergraduate women in STEM. In each week of this series, we will discuss the unique challenges faced by women in their educational trajectories. Despite efforts to broaden participation in STEM over the last few decades, women remain underrepresented in these fields. Across the series, we will explore how equity-oriented, inclusive practices can transform teaching and learning in STEM.

CIRTL Online Workshop: I Completed My IDP...Now What?

Practice navigating the challenging conversations you might have with a mentor or advisor when pursuing your individual development plan in this online workshop. The thought of approaching a mentor to talk about topics in an Individual Development Plan—such as academic progress, research timeframe, authorship, professional goal prioritization, and career aspiration—can be nerve-wracking and stressful. This workshop will present strategies and techniques to help you prepare for these difficult conversations, and to make them more productive when you do have them.

CIRTL Online Workshop: Faculty Advising in a R1 Setting - What You Need to Know and How to do it Well

Learn about developmental advising and explore how it can help engage and retain all types of students at research-intensive (R1) universities. Given that learning is a social process, relationships—especially those with faculty—are powerful tools that aid in students’ personal and professional development (Baker & Griffin, 2010). 


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