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Perspectives: The Complete Graduate Student

The health and well-being of our students is a foundation for academic and life success. This interactive seminar series is designed to provide graduate and professional students with some PERSPECTIVE on both research and practical strategies that support student goals. Join us over lunch to learn from the experts how to support your health and well-being now and in the future; please make sure you RSVP your attendance below.

Perspectives – Fall 2018

The Productive Sleeper

Monday, September 24  |  12:30- 1:30 pm  |  Lunch at 12:15  |  701 Clark Hall | RSVP

Sometimes the best thing that we can do for our academic performance and life success is to just sleep. This session will cover why sleep is so important for our being, strategies to overcome sleeping barriers, and tips to ensure that everyone is sleeping soundly. In this interactive session, we will learn from one another how to best support the basic necessity of sleep. Come prepared for discussion and leave with new ideas to maximize your sleep time. Presenter: Kaitlin Lilienthal, Ph.D., Behavioral Health Consultant Program Coordinator, Cornell Health.

Stress from a Contextual Perspective: Making meaning out of coping

Monday, October 15  |  12:30-1:30 pm  |  Lunch at 12:15 |  G01 Biotechnology Building | RSVP

Stress and the cumulative nature of stress can have a detrimental impact on the mind and body. In addition, different cultural and familial values can inform one’s decision to express stress in different ways, and whether to express stress and seek help accordingly. This presentation will cover the nature of stress, its impact on the mind and body as it relates to an academic performance from diverse lenses. The presentation will include recommendations on coping. Presenter: Lavanya Devdas, Ph.D., MSW, Psychologist, Cornell Health.

Handling Difficult Conversations Workshop

Wednesday, October 31 |  12:00-2:00 pm  |  Lunch at 11:45  |  148 Stocking Hall |  RSVP

Would you like support for conversations you don’t look forward to or know how to handle effectively? This workshop will help you increase awareness and appreciation of your needs and values and empower you to express them. Through discussion and practice, you will develop communication skills that support conversations where others are more likely to hear, understand, and respect your needs. This workshop will offer strategies for preparing for the conversation and effective steps for engaging others in ways that are satisfying and collaborative. Using these tools will create more rewarding interactions and the ability to resolve conflicts and find strategies that work for everyone. Presenter: Judy Burrill, MSEd, Communication Specialist, Communication Matters.

30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage

Thursday, November 8 |  12:30-1:30 pm  |  Lunch at 12:15  |  700 Clark Hall |  RSVP

Based on the 30 Lessons for Loving book, join us for a lively discussion about love, relationships, and marriage. Author and Cornell Professor Dr. Karl Pillemer draws on interviews with seven hundred long-married elders and delivers timeless wisdom from choosing “the one,” communication strategies, getting through the hard parts (i.e. work-family stress, household chores, in-laws, finances), keeping the spark alive, and how to become your own expert in love. Whether you are looking for a mate, evaluating your current relationship, or wanting to know secrets for success in future relationships, this session will cover it all. All attendees will receive a copy of the book, compliments of the Graduate School. Presenter: Professor Karl Pillemer, Department of Human Development, Cornell University.

Navigating Health as a Graduate Student

Thursday, November 15  |  12:30-1:30 pm  |  Lunch at 12:15  |  102 Mann Library | RSVP

Health is rarely constant. In meeting the academic rigors of a graduate program, it can be an additional challenge to navigator health concerns while a graduate student. This session will talk openly about different academic and personal options that exist for students when health becomes a challenge. Whether you are struggling right now, have future concerns, or just curious about what support is available when health is not constant, join us for this session. A panel of esteemed graduate students who are in this space right now will be there to provide some guidance and perspective to their experience. Presenters: Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life and Eve Abrams, LCSW, Cornell Health Counseling and Psychological Services.

Previous Perspective Sessions:

  • Changing Your Degree Path:  Personal, Career, and Academic Considerations – Jannaa Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Student Life, Gaeun Seo, PhD, Graduate and Professional Career Advisor, and Eve Abrams, LCSW, Cornell Health Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Finding Happiness through Doing Rather Than Having – Amit Kumar, PhD student in Social Psychology
  • FIve Ways Your Can Protect Your Devices, Your Work, and Your Personal Information – Meryl Bursic, Senior Security Engineer, IT Security Office
  • Four Keys to Making Your Own Happiness – Karen “Casey” Carr, LCSW, Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Student and Community Support
  • Fueling Your (Daily) Performance – Clint Wattenberg, MS, RD, and Randy Patterson, PhD, Cornell Healthy Eating Program
  • Graduate Students Can Notice and Respond – Catherine Thrasher-Carroll, MA, Gannett Health Services
  • Taking an Active Break – Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life
  • The Art of Eating Healthy as a Graduate Student – Clint Wattenberg, RD; Randy Patterson, PhD and A.J. Rubineau, MD – Panel Presentation from the Cornell Healthy Eating Program
  • How to Make More Time in Your Day? – Jan Allen, PhD, Graduate School Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
  • How to Navigate Social Connections and Relationships – Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Student Life, Graduate School and Jan Talbot, MS, CHES, Health Educator, Gannett Health Services
  • Perfectionism – Friend or Foe? – Wai-Kwong Wong, PhD, Gannett Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Personal Safety – What You Need to Know… – Beverly Jean Van Cleef, Crime Prevention Officer, Cornell University Police Department (CUPD)
  • Practical Strategies to Manage Your Time – Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life
  • Positive Thinking = Positive Productivity, Part 1 and 2 – Janis Whitlock, PhD, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Research Scientist
  • Relationships, Relationships, Relationships  Jessie Bonney-Burrill, BA, Senior Public Health Fellow, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives
  • Sleep for Success  Rebecca Robbins, PhD Candidate, Field of Communications
  • Stress Management  Jan Talbot, MS, CHES, Gannett Health Services and Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life
  • Waiting for the “Right” Time: All About PROCRASTINATION – Wai-Kwong Wong, PhD, Gannett Counseling and Psychological Services
  • What Does Exercise Have to Do With It? – MJ Bert Adams, Cornell Fitness Centers
  • When Challenges Occur in Your Academic Program  Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Student Life and Monica Jones, PhD, Gannett Counseling and Psychological Services
  • When Challenges Occur in Your Mentoring Program  Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Student Life and Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis, LMSW, Cornell Health Counseling and Psychological Services
  • When In Doubt, Breathe Out:  Take Time to Chill Out  Jan Talbot, MS, CHES; Gannett Health Services and Andrea Gerding, MPS, LCSW, Gannett Health Services
  • Your Personal Vision Statement – Janna Lamey, MSEd, Assistant Dean for Student Life