Perspectives: The Complete Graduate Student

The health and well-being of our students is a foundation for academic and life success. This interactive seminar series is designed to provide graduate and professional students with some PERSPECTIVE on both research and practical strategies that support student goals. Join us to learn from the experts how to support your health and well-being now and in the future.

Fall 2020 Sessions

Coping with 2020: Resiliency for International Scholars

With so many stressors associated with events that are beyond the control of any person, it is easy to understand why international scholars, in particular, may feel vulnerable, anxious, and isolated, especially in light of the recent U.S. election. The goal is for students and postdocs to leave with an understanding of best practices to prioritize your health and well-being, the importance of community, and what you can do today to strengthen your resiliency. This session is open for all, but will focus on the needs of our international community. 

Presenter:  Wai-Kwong Wong, Ph.D., assistant director for community based services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Cornell Health

Back to Basics: Self-Care 101

Stress and the cumulative nature of stress can have a detrimental impact on the mind and body. In addition, different cultural and familial values can inform one’s decision to express stress in different ways, and whether to express stress and seek help accordingly. This presentation will cover the nature of stress, its impact on the mind and body as it relates to academic performance from diverse lenses. The presentation will include recommendations on coping.

Presenter: Catherine Thrasher- Carroll, M.A., mental health promotion program director, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives

The Importance of Meaning-Making During Uncertainty

Congratulations – you are becoming an expert in your research/scholarly pursuits as a graduate student! Does that feel like it is enough for you? During times of uncertainty, do you find yourself questioning the value of your work? It is human nature to have deep questions of value and worth which can be amplified at times when stressors are so great and making an impact on you, but you don’t know where to begin. This session is designed to consider one’s meaning and purpose while examining the interconnected nature of humanity. Join us to unearth what happens during times of crisis and strategies for how you can explore and regain a commitment back to you, as a whole person. 

Presenter: Oliver Goodrick, associate dean for spirituality and meaning making, director, Cornell United Religious Work

It’s Complicated:  Family and Friends and Differences

We have witnessed a divide among perspectives, opinions, and judgments recently in the United States leading up to the national election. And, our family and friends may not share the same ideas leaving us to feel confused, concerned, and alone. The goal of this session is to talk candidly about relationships that we hold close and what to do in working out differences. We will address how to separate the issue from the person, when to lean in and when to back away, and skills for reflective listening.

Presenter: Reba McCutcheon ‘96, associate dean of students, Care and Crisis Services