Winter 2019 P2S Symposium Sessions

Opening Plenary: Speak and Be Heard – Presentation and Communication Tools for Career Success

Eliza VanCort

Professionals at the top of their field are not simply subject matter experts — they’re also highly skilled communicators who message quickly and easily while forging meaningful connections.

VanCort will provide a targeted overview of powerful research and offer physical and vocal adjustments participants can integrate immediately into their professional lives. Optimize your collaboration skills, leadership potential, and career success while adding more value to your organization. View her TEDx on a similar topic.

Eliza VanCort is a motivational speaker with a focus on communication. Her background and experience fostered her passionate interest in human behavior’s critical role in shaping personal/organizational outcomes and its impact on society. She got her degree in political science, interned at the DCCC during Bill Clinton’s first run for president, worked as an actor in NYC, taught the Sanford Meisner technique in Boston, and founded upstate New York’s preeminent Meisner technique studio, The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca, which is still thriving. Today, VanCort spends most of her time traveling nationally and throughout the world, giving talks and running seminars on professional communication. Learn more on her website.

Morning Workshop: Conversations – What’s Really Happening?

Melissa Myers, M.Ed.

 Lecturer and coordinator of speaking services, English Language Support Office

Nathan Lindberg, Ph.D.

Lecturer and coordinator of tutoring services, English Language Support Office

Conversations are influenced in subtle ways that are often culturally relevant. These generally hidden factors can lead to misunderstandings and cause conversations to go awry. By becoming aware of the nuances that can govern communication, workshop participants will gain a better understanding of what’s happening and be more prepared to share their ideas and communicate with others.

Luncheon Panel: Careers Leveraging Your Project Management Skills

Denise DiRienzo, Ed.D.

Experiential program director, Careers Beyond Academia

Shannon Osburn

Assistant director, Information Technology

Andrew Slusar, P.M.P.

Project manager, Project Management Office

Jessica Martinez, Ph.D.

Director, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

John Neuman, M.B.A.

1492 Consulting Group and visiting professor at Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management

Project management is defined as the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to meet goals. Hear how a variety of jobs intersect with this description, managing multiple platforms to multiple audiences. How does Ph.D. training prepare you to be a project manager? How does research intertwine and what are the projects like?

Afternoon Workshop: 2020 Vision – Creating Your Future with Confidence

Erica Marx

Erica Marx Coaching

Fred Brown

Are you on track to meet your 2020 goals? In this highly interactive workshop you will explore what you’d like to achieve in 2020, define obstacles you’ll need to overcome, and discover new insights and practical strategies you can set in motion now to bridge the gap between your present and desired future.