Cost of Attendance

Each year, the Graduate School, with the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment, prepares a student expense budget defining standard allowances for education costs for graduate and professional students. Tuition and other budget figures for the academic year are listed Graduate Students page of the Financial Aid websitePlease note: housing, dining, and personal expenses will be higher for programs offered in NYC.

The cost of attendance reflects estimated expenses prior to financial aid. Please review a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost of attendance and reference the Financial Aid FAQ for more information.

Housing and Dining (Room & Board)

The housing and dining allowances should permit a student comfortable, but modest, housing and a balanced diet. Your living costs will depend on your lifestyle and living arrangements. Discretionary lifestyle choices cannot be subsidized by federal or private education loans.

Books and Supplies

The allowance for books and supplies is sufficient for the purchase of all required books and supplies.

Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses

The personal allowance covers necessary student-related living expenses other than room and board and student health insurance, such as routine costs of transportation to and from campus (including parking fees) and basic telephone service.


Your education-related costs may be different from the budget we use for financial aid purposes. Please remember that you cannot use education loans (even private education loans) to cover costs above our published budget. You may have to plan carefully to ensure that you can meet all your expenses during the year.

Additional Expenses

Additional expenses, up to but not exceeding the amount listed below, can be used to increase the cost-of-attendance amount. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis after a student submits appropriate documentation and completes the budget-increase form, available on the Financial Aid website.