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Transitions: Developing Your Strategic Plan for Graduate School Success

We often hear that the graduate school experience is nothing like anyone expected it would be… so, what is a first-year student to do?  Make a strategic plan!!!  Spend time with our Associate Dean discussing the value of strategic planning and how to take control of your academic future right from the very beginning.  This session is guaranteed to be full of practical strategies, illustrative stories, and inspiration for how you can be successful.  Presenter:  Jan Allen, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

BEST & ASAP Present: Science Cabaret/Science Communication Workshop

This exciting science communication workshop will feature the following topics: professional online presence of scientists, training speakers for public engagement, emerging digital platforms, and the messaging triangle. This will be an informal workshop and formatted as a science café. ASAP will be cohosting the event with Mark Sarvary from the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior and Kitty Gifford, co-instructor of the Applied Science Communication course. The event will include beverages and refreshments. Additional details to come.

BEST & ASAP Present: Mark Dighton: Introduction to Practicing Law Institutes Patent Bar Review Course

ASAP will be hosting a Skype discussion with Mark Dighton who will be sharing information on how to enter into the field of intellectual property and what steps are required to pass the patent bar exam. He is the Director of Law School Relations and the Administrative Director of the Patent Office Exam Course. This is a joint event between ASAP and the law school’s Intellectual Property and Technology Student Association, and therefore the event will be targeted for law students. However, graduate students are also strongly encouraged to attend. Cookies and refreshments will be served.

Time Out: Informal and formal care arrangements – what to know.

If you needed to secure care arrangements for your children, do you know where to begin? In order to make sure that the experience with your care providers and children is as successful as possible, this means that the parent needs to take active steps to ensure this. Learn about best-practices for parents when arranging both informal and formal care arrangements. Participants will be asked to share experiences (both good and bad) to allow for reflection and learning.

Searching for Local Employment

The Graduate School and Tompkins Workforce have teamed together to offer you valuable information about how to conduct an effective job search in the Ithaca area and resources available to support you. In addition, participants will also network with one another and be given the opportunity to talk about their own experience so that we can better meet your needs. This session is designed for spouses/partners who have secured work authorization in the United States. Light breakfast will be served.

AWIS Career Spotlight Webinar Series - Finance and Investment Banking

This series will give you a snapshot overview of different career paths in STEM. Explore a variety career options by connecting to professionals in STEM careers outside of academia and the lab during these 30-minute live webinars.
Presented by: Karene Richards, Capital Markets Manager at The Oakleaf Group


Cornell University is now an institutional partner of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) – Free individual membership available for undergraduate and graduate students!

Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Thi Nguyenn (Washington U in St. Louis Graduate School) and Fatimah Williams Castro (Beyond the Tenure Track)

The Versatile PhD offers three-day online career forum, Ask Me Anything (AMA) by

Dr. Castro (Cultural Anthropology, 2011) and Dr. Nguyen (Neuroscience, 2010) help PhDs plan and launch successful careers - Nguyen as a graduate career advisor and associate dean, and Castro as speaker and career coach to PhDs.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Jenny Furlong (CUNY Grad Center Office of Career Planning and Professional Development) and Joseph Barber (UPenn Career Center)

The Versatile PhD offers three-day online career forum, Ask Me Anything (AMA) by inviting Drs. Jenny Furlong and Joseph Barber.

Dr. Furlong (Romance Languages, 2003) and Dr. Barber (Zoology, 2002) help PhDs plan successful careers - Furlong at CUNY Graduate Center and Barber at Penn. Barber maintains an active Zoology presence as consultant, writer and adjunct faculty member, and Furlong is co-author of The Academic Job Search Handbook. Both believe deeply in your versatility as a PhD.


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