Student Life

The Graduate School is committed to supporting your graduate and professional student life experience. We acknowledge the complex, diverse, and multi-faceted perspective that each individual student brings with him/her into the scholarly community. As a result, the Office of Graduate Student Life promotes a culture that supports a healthy and holistic graduate life experience and is a source of support and advocacy for all Cornell graduate and professional students. We hope you find the following Student Life webpages informative and helpful as you gather information, resources, support services, and establish a network of support and connections at Cornell. 

  • Welcome Admitted Students! - Resources to help new graduate students transition to life at Cornell, including information about moving to Ithaca and our GPS for Navigating Graduate School.
  • Big Red Barn - Our Graduate and Professional Student Center, which serves as a central place for eating and relaxing, and hosts more than 200 events per year.
  • Resources and Support - A collection of various campus resources that are designed to support graduate and professional students.
  • Communities - A compilation of common ways that our students feel connected to their program, the campus, and the greater community.
  • Programs - Academic Affairs - Compilation of our academic support programs.
  • Programs - Student Life - Compilation of the formal workshops/events that the Office of Graduate Student Life sponsors.
  • Student Governance - Description of our Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.
  • Office of Student Life - Contact information and mission statement.