About OISE

OISE Overview:

The Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE) is part of the Graduate School's framework for providing an inclusive and holistic approach to graduate and postdoctoral scholar success. OISE supports scholar success through recruitment, diversity fellowships, professional and community development programming and ongoing support. Postdoctoral scholars receive a wide range of additional services through the Office of Postdoctoral Studies.

OISE supports an inclusive and welcoming environment for all graduate and postdoctoral scholars, and fosters the development of their core competencies and transferable skills in the areas of career development, communication, leadership and management, teaching and mentoring, responsible conduct of research, and personal development. (Adapted from National Postdoctoral Association postdoctoral core competencies, 2007-09 and Michigan State University Graduate School, 2011.)

Our collaborative programing offers graduate and postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to build skills that are crucial to their development and success. OISE also provides leadership that demonstrates the University’s commitment to promoting a climate of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and achievement, which are integral components of graduate and postdoctoral education.

OISE Values Statement:

We are a dedicated team that drives transformational change through innovative and collaborative practices.

OISE Mission: Advance. Engage. Develop.

  • Advance: To employ research-based best practices to advance the composition, engagement, achievement, and inclusion of graduate and postdoctoral scholars
  • Engage: To engage current and prospective graduate and postdoctoral scholars, faculty, alumni, university, and external partners to broaden the participation in and leadership of groups historically underrepresented within the academy
  • Develop: To foster a diverse and inclusive community that supports the development and progression of all graduate and postdoctoral scholars