NSF GRFP Fellowship

Cornell is proud to have over 200 current participants in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) enrolled in our doctoral programs.

Helpful information for current fellows:

  • Cornell's NSF GRFP Grant number for 2017-18 is DGE-1650441
  • The OSP number for Cornell NSF GRFP award is 81023/A001
  • The current fellowship stipend rate is $34,000 per 12-month year
  • Stipends disburse approximately 7 days before the start of each term
  • Stipends amounts are approximately $2833 per month so disbursements are as follows:
    • Summer term (3 months) - $8,500
    • Fall term (4 months) - $11,333
    • Spring term (5 months) - $14,167
  • NSF policies can be found in their administrative guide

NSF Fellowship Reception 2016