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Ask Me Anything (AMA) - Thi Nguyenn (Washington U in St. Louis Graduate School) and Fatimah Williams Castro (Beyond the Tenure Track)

Dr. Castro (Cultural Anthropology, 2011) and Dr. Nguyen (Neuroscience, 2010) help PhDs plan and launch successful careers – Nguyen as a graduate career advisor and associate dean at Washington University in St. Louis, and Castro as speaker and career coach to PhDs.

Please follow the link to find out how to join Versatile PhD as well as to follow the event discussions through the forum or via email.

GSMU Mentor Orientation

Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduates (GSMU) strives to establish strong mentoring relationships between underrepresented Cornell graduate and undergraduate students in order to encourage a pursuit of graduate education, and to build a supportive network between and among these graduates and undergraduates.

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