Changing Your Committee

Changing the members of your special committee requires approval from all members of the newly formed committee. It does not require approval from members who are leaving the committee. File these changes immediately in Student Center.

For master’s students: you may make changes at any point prior to three months before the final examination by visiting your Student Center.

For doctoral students: you may make changes to your special committee at any time prior to your A exam. Committee changes after your A exam require the dean’s approval. Additionally, you may not schedule your B exam within three months of a committee change.

Changing Your Special Committee Chair

Changing your committee chair is the same as changing any other committee member. Your director of graduate studies may ask to meet with you if you request a change of your chair, especially if such a change is requested after the A exam.

Committee-Member Resignations

Any member, including your chair, may resign at any time from a special committee. It is your responsibility to reconstitute your special committee. If you fail to reconstitute a committee, you will not be permitted to continue registration in the Graduate School.