Important Application Policies


Application deadlines vary by field. Please review field listings for the most current dates.

Applying to Multiple Fields

You may submit one application for a given term; multiple applications will not be processed. If you are not offered admission, you may contact one additional graduate field and ask to have your application reviewed. If the new field’s deadline has not passed and that field is willing to review your application, you should contact your original field and request that they forward your materials. Applications cannot be transferred between the Graduate School and the other graduate and professional colleges and schools (Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell Tech, Cornell Law School, College of Veterinary Medicine, or Weill Cornell).

An application can be made to major fields only. Please review the field of study listing to verify that you are applying to a major field.

Credentialing Services

Cornell University expects all applicants to complete their application materials without the use of paid agents, credentialing services, or other paid professional assistance.

The use of such services violates university policy, and may lead to the rejection of application materials, the revocation of an admissions offer, cancellation of admission, or involuntary withdrawal from the university.

Unsolicited Application Materials

Publications, award certificates, resumes, theses, and similar materials should not be sent unless prior approval has been given by the field of study to which you are applying. Mail any approved materials directly to the graduate field, not to the Graduate School.

Admissions Review

Admissions review committees may include faculty, staff, and current graduate students. All members of an admissions committee are instructed to respect applicant privacy and the rights of enrolling graduate students under University policy and in accordance with FERPA.  (Please note: If you ask to be considered for Diversity Fellowship opportunities, your supplemental essay will not be visible to the admissions review committee; only the Director of Graduate Studies, the Chair of the committee, and the Graduate Field Assistant will have access to the essay in order to consider you for nomination.)


Contact the field to which you are applying for its notification timeline. In most cases, offers of financial aid are made no later than April 1.

Deferring an Admission Offer

Generally, you are offered admission for a particular semester. If you want to defer admission, you must receive approval from your graduate field.