2022-23 Stipend Rates and Supplemental Funding

  • Effective August 21, 2022, the stipend rate will increase by 5% to a minimum of $30,088 for the nine-month academic year or $40,117 for students on a 12-month assistantship (for most years, the typical increase is between 2-2.5%)
  • The summer Sage fellowship amount for summer 2023 will be $6,339; students can see a one-time supplement of $500 in addition to the base summer fellowship.
  • All 2021-22 Student-Parent Dependent Care Grant recipients who are registered in Summer 2022 will receive a special $400 supplement.
  • The Graduate School Emergency Fund budget has been increased by 50%. Awards are typically between $500-$1,000.
  • The Graduate School will open a third round of research travel grant funding for summer travel. The maximum award has been permanently increased by 25% to $2,500 per application.