Graduate School Supplement External Fellowships

Cornell University Graduate School strongly encourages students to apply for external fellowships and grants.  These may be offered by government agencies, private foundations, or corporations, and may provide one year or multiple years of support.

To encourage doctoral students to compete for external awards, the Graduate School may be able to provide top-off to bring an award to a full fellowship level.  If the following criteria are met, the Graduate School will coordinate supplementation of the stipend to the academic year TA rate, individual health insurance, and tuition.

Eligibility criteria:

  • This supplement program is available to doctoral students in good academic standing.
  • The award is external to Cornell; has been won by the student’s own initiative; and is open to multiple disciplines or fields.
  • The award provides an amount equal to at least half of the cost of TA stipend and health insurance.  (In some cases with prior permission, specific awards in support of diversity may not be required to meet this financial threshold).
  • Top-off is available only to students in good academic standing. Fellowship top-off is not available to master's students after the 8th registered semester, or for PhD students after the 14th registered semester.

Additional information:

  • Awards that cover a twelve-month period will be prorated to a nine-month standard.
  • Awards that come in a “lump sum” will be prorated to cover a percentage of each of stipend, tuition, and health insurance.
  • Awards that are funded in foreign currency will be calculated using the published exchange rate on July 1 of that year.

For questions regarding this program, please contact Mariah McNamara.