Student Spotlight: Maya Mundell

Maya Mundell

January 6, 2020

Maya Mundell is a doctoral student in information science from Baltimore, Maryland. After earning her undergraduate degree at Cornell University, she chose to pursue further study here due to the opportunities provided by the field of information science.

What is your area of research and why is it important?

My area of research is in human computer interaction (HCI), specifically in the areas of persuasive technologies and design and digital influence. I study how technologies influence and change human behavior and attitudes.

What project do you intend to work on as part of the 2019-2020 eLab cohort?

I’m working to develop an online hub that helps students finance higher education and secure scholarships and student funding with a curriculum and mentor-matching platform.

How and why did you develop this idea?

Starting off with a humble blog and website, I began to develop an online course and curriculum to help students finance higher education opportunities. Through my blog and online counseling, I walk students and their families through the steps, strategies, and processes I took in order to get offered over $1 million in scholarships as a high school senior. Through this platform, I’ve been able to successfully guide several students to achieve full rides and funding for their higher education. My eLab project and startup will scale this guidance and instruction to help as many students as possible.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of your research or scholarship?

I sing for fun. I love music. I also travel any chance that I get.

Why did you choose Cornell to pursue your degree?

I realized that Cornell University’s information science doctoral program would offer the best home for my development as a researcher, technologist, and an agent for technological development in low-resource communities.