Faculty Guides to Advising & Mentoring Research Degree Students

Graduate students view effective advising, mentoring, and positive, productive relationships with faculty as important to their success in graduate school and on the job market.

The importance of positive and productive faculty-graduate student relationships is supported by research literature on graduate student satisfaction, students’ publishing rates during graduate school, and degree completion support, as well as by the findings of Graduate School surveys of graduate students and alumni.

Faculty Guide to Advising Research Degree Students

Faculty Advancing Inclusive Mentorship: FAIM

Faculty Advancing Inclusive Mentoring (FAIM) is an equity-based systemic change initiative that provides a framework for inclusive mentorship applicable across graduate education and the professoriate. Bolstering this framework are resources and tools intended to be adapted and adopted to meet the contextual needs of mentors and mentees.

FAIM is a collaboration of the Cornell Graduate School and Provost Office of Faculty Development and Diversity and the TRUST Alliance, which includes collaborators at Cornell, Montana State, and Purdue Universities. Learn more and access FAIM resources for supporting mentoring within graduate education on the FAIM website