2017-2018 Cohort

NextGen Professors

This talented group of graduate students and postdocs spans the major subject areas of humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences and engineering, and engage in series of monthly professional and career development activities. Learn more about the program.

Lucila Andrea Acevedo

Lucila Andrea Acevedo, doctoral alumna (2018), Biophysics

Ryan Buyco

Ryan Buyco, doctoral alumnus (2019), Asian Studies

  • Current position: Riley Scholar-in-Residence and Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado College

Joseph Cammarata

Joseph Cammarata, doctoral alumnus (2019), Plant Biology

Younas Dadmohammadi

Younas Dadmohammadi, postdoctoral scholar, Chemical Engineering

Jared Enriquez

Jared Enriquez, doctoral candidate, City and Regional Planning

Romy Fain

Romy Fain, doctoral alumna (2017), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jayme Kilburn

Jayme Kilburn, doctoral candidate, Theatre Arts

Daniel Mutyambai

Daniel Mutyambai, postdoctoral scholar, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Aravind Natarajan

Aravind Natarajan, doctoral alumnus (2019), Microbiology

Amanda Recupero

Amanda Recupero, doctoral student, Romance Studies

LaDeidra Monet Robert

LaDeidra Monet Roberts, doctoral alumna (2019), Biomedical Engineering

Theresa Rocha Beardall

Theresa Rocha Beardall, doctoral alumna (2019), Sociology

Josh Strable

Josh Strable, postdoctoral scholar, Plant Biology

Jermaine Toney

Jermaine Toney, postdoctoral alumnus (2019), Applied Economics and Management

Gargi Wable

Gargi Wable, doctoral student, Nutrition

Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong, doctoral alumna (2019), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Frances Zhu

Frances Zhu, doctoral alumna (2019), Aerospace Engineering