2/10/2017 On February 10, 2017, Dean Knuth sent the letter below to all directors of graduate study and graduate field assistants conveying to faculty that the January 27, 2017 Executive Order from the Trump Administration banning entry in the United States for nationals from seven countries should not be a factor in graduate admissions decisions.  Read the full text below: Dear Directors of Graduate Studies and Graduate Field Assistants:
1/31/2017 Since our message on Saturday to all graduate students and President Rawlings' 
1/30/2017 We understand that the rapid-fire news regarding the actions and potential plans of the new U.S. administration in Washington DC regarding immigration and visa issues, health care, the temporary freezing of new grants from some federal agencies, and other rumored actions may be creating uncertainty and causing stress for you.  
11/17/2016 EEB and NBB to Host Ph.D. Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Weekend in Spring 2017 Apply to participate by December 1, 2016
11/14/2016 The Graduate School has awarded Research Travel Grants to 32 graduate students for research-related travel occurring during the fall and winter of 2016-2017. The recipients are from 23 different fields and are travelling to locations around the globe, including cities in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.