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Elbert Cox wears a graduation capElbert Cox, Ph.D. 1925, in academic regalia
Photo: Provided

What’s Behind Canned Wine’s Rotten Egg Smell? Cornell Team IDs Culprit
Cornell Chronicle, 4/16/24
Alumni: Gavin Sacks, Ph.D. ’05; Julie Goddard ’99, Ph.D. ’08; and Rachel Allison, Ph.D. ’22

Kallas Keeps Labor on Track
Cornell Chronicle, 4/5/24
Alumni: Johnnie Kallas, M.S. ’20, Ph.D. ‘23

Statistical Machine Learning can Find Unknown Factors Behind Disease
Cornell Chronicle, 3/27/24
Alumni: Xin Bing, Ph.D. ’21, and Jishnu Das, Ph.D. ‘16

Flexible Due Dates Lower Student Stress Without Loss of Rigor
Cornell Chronicle, 3/22/24
Alumni: Mark Sarvary, Ph.D. ’06, and Joseph Ruesch, M.S. ’16, Ph.D. ‘22

Surveillance Surveys Give Clearer Picture of COVID’s Spread
Cornell Chronicle, 2/19/24
Alumni: Casey Cazer, D.V.M. ’16, Ph.D. ‘20

Remembering the Cornellian Who Broke Racial Barriers in Math
Cornellians, 2/15/24
Alumni: Elbert Cox, Ph.D. 1925

Sander Kersten Named New Director of Division of Nutritional Sciences
Cornell Human Ecology, 2/6/24
Alumni: Sander Kersten, Ph.D. ‘97

Gene Expression Atlas Captures Where Ovulation Can Go Awry
Cornell Chronicle, 1/23/24
Alumni: Madhav Mantri, Ph.D. ‘23

In Chatty Midshipman Fish, the Midbrain Awakens a Gift of Gab
Cornell Chronicle, 1/2/24
Alumni: Najva Akbari, Ph.D. ‘21

Long-lost Moog Synthesizer Finally Makes it to the Stage
Cornell Chronicle, 12/13/23
Alumni: Robert Moog, Ph.D. ’65

MicroRNA Holds Clues to Why Some Mammals are Cancer-prone
Cornell Chronicle, 12/4/23
Alumni: Rebecca Harman ’92, M.S. ’11, Ph.D. ‘18

District 50 Rep. Renée Price Set to Run for Re-Election in 2024, 12/4/23
Alumni: Renée Prize, M.R.P. ’78

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