Alumni in the News

A puffin flies carrying fish in its mouthPhoto: Provided

The Salmon on Your Plate Has a Troubling Cost. These Farms Offer Hope.
The New York Times, 10/16/23
Alumni: Brian Vinci ’90, M.Eng. ’94, Ph.D. ’03

Manuel Muñoz, M.F.A. ’98, Wins MacArthur ‘Genius Grant’
Cornell Chronicle, 10/5/23
Alumni: Manuel Muñoz, M.F.A. ‘98

When Needs Compete, Love Trumps Thirst
Cornell Chronicle, 9/27/23
Alumni: Andrea Roeser, Ph.D. ’23, and Vikram Gadagkar, Ph.D. ‘13

Lifestyle Impacts Green Benefits of Remote Work
Cornell Chronicle, 9/18/23
Alumni: Longqi Yang, Ph.D. ‘19

Meet Some of the (Many!) Cornellians Who’ve Won the Nobel
Cornellians, 9/15/23
Alumni: Pearl Buck, M.A. 1925; Barbara McClintock, 1923, Ph.D. 1927; Toni Morrison, M.A. ’55; Eric Betzig, Ph.D. ’88; Robert Holley, Ph.D. ’47; Douglas Osheroff, Ph.D. ‘73

Light Pollution Threatens Coastal Marine Systems
Cornell Chronicle, 9/13/23
Alumni: Colleen Miller, Ph.D. ‘23

In a New Memoir, Disabled Alum Reflects on a Remarkable Life
Cornellians, 9/8/23
Alumni: Ken Kunken ’72, B.S. ’73, M.A. ‘77

Bazarova to Support Big-data Research and Data Security as Associate Vice Provost
Cornell Chronicle, 8/29/23
Alumni: Natalie Bazarova, M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ‘09

In Amish-Chinese Partnership, Shiitake Mushrooms are the Main Ingredient
Cornell Chronicle, 8/29/23
Alumni: Bruno Xavier, Ph.D. ‘08

Judy Cha Named Director of Cornell NanoScale Facility
Cornell Chronicle, 8/21/23
Alumni: Judy Cha, Ph.D. ‘09

School-based Health Clinics Benefit Rural NYS Communities
Cornell Chronicle, 8/15/23
Alumni: Peter Fiduccia, M.P.A. ’17, Ph.D. ’22; Elisabeth Lembo, M.P.A. ’20; Mildred Warner, M.S. ’85, Ph.D. ’97; Yang Wang, M.R.P. ’14; Christine Wen, Ph.D. ’19; and Xue Zhang, M.S. ’16, Ph.D. ‘19

Award-Winning Author Mines Humor from Academic Absurdity
Cornellians, 8/14/23
Alumni: Julie Schumacher, M.F.A. ‘86

Laundry Putting You Through the Wringer? Apparel Expert Has Tips
Cornellians, 8/11/23
Alumni: Fran Holmes Kozen ’72, M.S. ‘77

That’s Funny – But AI Models Don’t Get the Joke
Cornell Chronicle, 7/26/23
Alumni: Jack Hessel, Ph.D. ’20, and Yejin Choi, Ph.D. ‘10

Rory Todhunter, Ph.D. ’92, Named Inaugural Director of Riney Canine Health Center
Cornell Chronicle, 7/20/23
Alumni: Rory Todhunter, Ph.D. ‘92

A Half-Century Ago, an Alum Had a Vision: Bring the Puffins Home
Cornellians, 7/10/23
Alumni: Steve Kress, Ph.D. ‘75

Tetris Reveals How People Respond to an Unfair AI
Cornell Chronicle, 5/15/23
Alumni: Houston Claure, M.S. ’20, Ph.D. ‘23

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