Data Transparency

New Students by the Numbers InfographicNew graduate students by the numbers: 18,049 applications, 1,675 new students. New students by gender: 53% female, up from 49% in 2013. New students by citizenship: 54% international, up from 42% in 2013. New students by degree type: most enrolled in professional program, then PhD program, research master's, and non-degree. Top 10 countries for non-US citizen enrollment as displayed on students' passports: China, India, South Korea, Taiwan (ROC), Canada, Indonesia, Colombia, Iran (Islamic Rep.), Germany, and Pakistan. New students by discipline: 408 physical science and engineering (357 in 2013), 873 social sciences (570 in 2013), 259 life sciences (197 in 2013), 127 arts & humanities (83 in 2013).

Facts and Figures

Cornell University’s Graduate School is committed to providing comprehensive and transparent information on graduate study as a means of supporting prospective applicants in their decision-making process, as well as informing current students, staff, faculty, and external audiences on program performance. The following can be found on the Facts and Figures page:

  • Doctoral Program Statistics
  • Five-Year Admissions Profile
  • Five-Year Enrollment Profile
  • Ph.D. Median Time-to-Degree
  • Ph.D. Attrition and Completion Rates by Discipline
  • Doctoral Career Outcomes

Survey Results

The following can be found on the Survey Results page:

  • Doctoral Experience Survey
  • Doctoral Career Outcomes
  • Diversity Dashboards