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Startup’s Contact Tracing Tech Tracks Workplace Distancing
Cornell Chronicle, 7/28/20
Alumni: Jason Guss, Ph.D. ’18, and Apoorva Kiran, Ph.D. ’17

Study Finds Food Safety Practices Benefit Small Farmers
Cornell Chronicle, 7/7/20
Alumni: Elizabeth Bihn, Ph.D. ’11

Coffman Highlights Cornell Efforts to Protect Wheat Worldwide
Cornell Chronicle, 7/1/20
Alumni: Ronnie Coffman, Ph.D. ’71

Cornellian’s Dairy Waste Startup Wins NSF Phase II Funding
Cornell Chronicle, 6/17/20
Alumni: Juan Guzman, Ph.D. ’17

NYC Mayor Appoints McComas to Climate Change Panel
Cornell Chronicle, 6/12/20
Alumni: Katherine McComas, Ph.D. ’00

Film by Alum-owned Media Studio Wins Webby Award
Cornell Chronicle, 6/8/20
Alumni: Jennifer Moslemi, Ph.D. ’10, and Marita Davison, M.S. ’06

Food Science Professor’s ‘Instant Ice Cream’ Gains Patent
Cornell Chronicle, 5/28/20
Alumni: Michael E. Wagner, Ph.D. ’15

Researchers Connect Matrix Fiber Structure and Cell Behavior
Cornell Chronicle, 5/11/20
Graduate Students: Lu Ling and Adrian Shimpi
Alumni: Bo Ri Seo, M.S. ’11, Ph.D. ’14; Young Hye Song, Ph.D. ’16; Karin Wang, Ph.D. ’15; and Roberto Carlos Andresen Eguiluz, Ph.D. ’15

Crossing Boundaries: Cornell’s Thriving Research Ecosystem
Ezra, 5/6/20
Graduate Student: Annapaola Passerini
Alumni: Michael Gore, Ph.D. ’09; Brita Lorentzen ’06, Ph.D. ’14; Bart Riley, Ph.D ’90; Siyu Huang, M.S. ’11, Ph.D. ’13, M.B.A. ’14; and Alex Yu, M.S. ’11, Ph.D. ’14

Structure of COVID-19 Virus Hints at Key to High Infection Rate
Cornell Chronicle, 5/4/20
Alumni: Javier Jaimes, Ph.D.

Device Tracks Vaping Habits to Better Understand Use
Cornell Chronicle, 4/30/20
Graduate Student: Alexander Adams
Alumni: Alina Robin, ’18, M.P.S. ’19

2020 Best 40 Under 40 Professors: Nathan Karst, Babson College
Poets and Quants, 4/29/20
Alumni: Nathan Karst, Ph.D. ’11

Texas A&M Chemist Karen Wooley Elected To National Academy Of Sciences
Texas A&M Today, 4/29/20
Alumni: Karen Wooley, Ph.D. ’93

Website Charts COVID-19 Spread Across NY State
Cornell Chronicle, 4/22/20
Graduate Students: Akshay Ajagekar, Ning Zhao, Yanqiu Tao, and Abdulelah Alshehri
Alumni: Renata Ivanek, Ph.D. ’08

CNF Jump-starts Startups in New York State
Cornell Chronicle, 4/13/20
Alumni: Kwame Amponsah ’06, M.Eng ’08, M.S. ’12, Ph.D. ’14; Ashish Kumar, M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’95; Jonathan Alden, M.S. ’12, Ph.D. ’15; and Alejandro Cortese, M.S. ’14, Ph.D. ’19

Physicist John DiTusa Named Dean of School of Science at IUPUI
Indiana University News, 3/25/20
Alumni: John DiTusa, Ph.D. ’92

Crowdsourcing app aims to fill gaps in coronavirus data
Cornell Chronicle, 3/17/20
Alumni: David Hachuel, M.S. ’19

Minorities Have Broader View of Environmental Issues
Cornell Chronicle, 3/12/20
Graduate Students: Julie Davydova and Sarah Naiman
Alumni: Hwanseok Song, Ph.D. ’18

Dr. Fatimah Jackson Becomes the First African American Woman Ever to Receive the Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award
Howard University Newsroom, 3/9/20
Alumni: Fatimah Jackson, Ph.D. ’81

Bumblebees Hate Pumpkin Pollen, Which May Help Pumpkins
Cornell Chronicle, 3/9/20
Alumni: Kristen Brochu Ph.D. ’18

Food Scientists Slice Time off Salmonella Identification Process
Cornell Chronicle, 3/5/20
Alumni: Silin Tang, Ph.D. ’15 and Martin Wiedmann, Ph.D. ’97

A Hunger Fighter Empowers Farmers with NextGen Cassava
Cornell Chronicle, 3/4/20
Alumni: Alfred Ozimati, Ph.D. ’18

Physics Tool Helps Track Cancer Cell Diversity
Cornell Chronicle, 2/20/20
Alumni: Beum Jun Kim, Ph.D. ’04

After Decades Working To Champion Latinos, Dr. Donna Maria Blancero Is Bentley University Newest Provost
Latin Times, 2/18/20
Alumni: Donna Maria Blancero, Ph.D.

Former upstate NY congressman named next Siena College president
Auburn Citizen, 2/17/20
Alumni: Chris Gibson, M.P.A. ’95, M.A. ’96, Ph.D. ’98

Bronfenbrenner Wins Levy Faculty Engagement Award
Cornell Chronicle, 2/7/20
Alumni: Kate Bronfenbrenner ’76, Ph.D. ’93

Kopko Named UN Rep in Early Childhood Education
Cornell Chronicle, 2/6/20
Alumni: Kimberly Kopko, Ph.D. ’05

Alumnus Named Inaugural Langer Professor in Meinig School
Ezra, 2/3/20
Alumni: Shaoyi Jiang, Ph.D. ’93 and Qiuming Yu, Ph.D. ’95

Wireless Car Charging Among Scale-Up Award Technologies
Cornell Chronicle, 1/30/20
Graduate Students: Austin Hickman and Reet Chaudhuri, M.S. ’16
Alumni: Harvey Tian, M.S. ’12, M.Eng. ’16, Ph.D. ’17; Adam Bisogni ’08, Ph.D. 17; and Harold Craighead, M.S. ’77, Ph.D. ’80

Researchers Create 3D-printed, Sweating Robot Muscle
Cornell Chronicle, 1/29/20
Graduate Student: Patricia Xu
Alumni: T.J. Wallin, M.S. ’16, Ph.D. ’18

The Sweet Side of Science, Modified
Cornell Chronicle, 1/21/20
Alumni: Sarah Evanega, Ph.D. ’09

Brooklyn Brewery Co-founder Named Entrepreneur of the Year
Cornell Chronicle, 1/21/20
Alumni: Steve Hindy ’71, M.A.T. ’75

Study Takes on e-cigarette Warning ‘Paradox’
Cornell Chronicle, 1/21/20
Alumni: Amelia Greiner Safi, M.S. ’06

Collaboration Reveals Potential New Therapy for Osteoarthritis
Cornell Chronicle, 1/16/20
Alumni: Michelle Delco ’98, D.V.M. ’02, Ph.D. ’16; Lena Bartell, Ph.D. ’18; and Lisa Fortier, Ph.D. ’98

Burrow, Felippe Named Provost’s Fellows for Public Engagement
Cornell Chronicle, 1/16/20
Alumni: Julia Felippe, Ph.D. ’02

Apple Devices Smaller, Better by Infringing Caltech, Jury Told
Law 360, 1/16/20
Alumni: Matthew Shoemake, Ph.D. ’99

CIS professor and arXiv founder receives physics award
Cornell Chronicle, 1/8/20
Alumni: Paul Ginsparg, Ph.D. ’81

Dancing Debris, Moveable Landscape Shape Comet 67P
Cornell Chronicle, 1/7/20
Alumni: Sam Birch, Ph.D. ’17; Paul Corlies, Ph.D. ’19; and Steve Squyres ’78, Ph.D. ’81

This Indian Entrepreneur is the Driving Force Behind the ‘It Girl’ Swimsuits Made from Ocean Waste
Forbes, 12/16/19
Alumni: Vivek Agarwal, M.P.S. ’14

CCAFS Southeast Asia Regional Program Leader Receives a Prestigious Medal from the Vietnam Government
CCAFS, 11/21/19
Alumni: Leocadio Sebastian, Ph.D. ’94

The 2019 New York City 40 Under 40 Rising Stars
City & State, 10/28/19
Alumni: Anni Zhu, M.R.P. ’15

Doctoral Alumnae Co-Author “Building a Career Outside Academia: A Guide for Doctoral Students in the Behavioral and Social Sciences”
American Psychological Association Press, 2019
Alumni: Jennifer Brown Urban, Ph.D. ’08; J. Zoe Klemfuss, Ph.D. ’11; Sarah Clement, Ph.D. ’12l Lisa A. Gennetian, Ph.D. ’98; Jane L. Powers, Ph.D. ’85; and Lisa A. McCabe, Ph.D. ’99