Alumni in the News

Rhino skulls collected in South Africa
A pile of rhino skulls outside a ranger station in South Africa. Photo: Provided.

From Breakthrough to Business: Two Entrepreneurs Find Their Home as Activate Fellows at Cornell’s Praxis Center
Cornell Chronicle, 10/6/22
Alumni: Alexa Schmitz, Ph.D. ’18, and Austin Hickman, Ph.D. ’21

Cornell Startups Get $3M from NYS to Impede Disease Outbreak
Cornell Chronicle, 10/3/22
Alumni: Harvey Tian, Ph.D. ’17, and Adam Bisogni ’08, Ph.D. ’17

Brains on Board: Smart Microrobots Walk Autonomously
Cornell Chronicle, 9/21/22
Alumni: Michael Reynolds, M.S. ’17, Ph.D. ’21, and Alejandro Cortese, Ph.D. ‘19

A Month of ‘Mars’: Get to Know the Haughton-Mars Project
Space, 8/17/22
Alumni: Pascal Lee, Ph.D. ‘97

Earlier Wheat Planting Will Boost Yields in Eastern India
Cornell Chronicle, 8/2/22
Alumni: Andrew McDonald ’94, M.S. ’98, Ph.D. ‘03

Doctoral Grad is a Leading Researcher of Wildlife Crime
Cornellians, 7/21/22
Alumni: Meredith Gore, Ph.D. ’06

Preventing Scrollers’ Remorse: How to Know What Users Want
Cornell Chronicle, 7/20/22
Alumni: Manish Raghavan, M.S. ’18, Ph.D. ‘21

Touching a Nerve in Equine Medicine
Cornell Chronicle, 7/14/22
Alumni: Jonathan Cheetham, Ph.D. ‘08

Sarah Evanega Lauded for Public Service in Science
Alliance for Science, 7/13/22
Alumni: Sarah Evanega, Ph.D. ‘09

CALS Professor Turns Yogurt Byproduct into Hard Seltzer Biz
Cornell Chronicle, 6/30/22
Alumni: Sam Alcaine, M.S. ‘07

Finger Lakes Land Trust, Once a Master’s Project, Conserves 28K Acres
Cornell Chronicle, 6/8/22
Alumni: Andy Zepp ’85, M.P.S. ‘90

Cornellian-founded Company Implants 3D-bioprinted Ear
Cornell Chronicle, 6/2/22
Alumni: Dan Cohen ’04, M.S. ’07, Ph.D. ‘10

Consumers Embrace Milk Carton QR Codes, May Cut Food Waste
Cornell Chronicle, 6/1/22
Graduate Student: Samantha Lau
Alumni: Sara Murphy, Ph.D. ’20, and Nicole Murphy ’06, M.S. ’11, Ph.D. ‘18

Higher Dengue Rates Found Near Public Transit in Low-income Areas
Cornell Chronicle, 5/31/22
Alumni: Talya Shragai, Ph.D. ‘20

Associate Provost Karen Houseknecht Appointed to Maine Innovation Economy Advisory Board
UNE News, 5/16/22
Alumni: Karen Houseknecht, Ph.D. ‘94

Dragonflies Use Vision, Subtle Wing Control to Straighten Up and Fly Right
Cornell Chronicle, 5/13/22
Alumni: James Melfi, Ph.D. ‘15

Privatization, Poverty Threaten Water Affordability
Cornell Chronicle, 4/27/22
Alumni: Mildred Warner, M.S. ’85, Ph.D. ’97, and Xue Zhang, M.S. ’16, Ph.D. ‘19

Playing Against Type
The New York Times, 4/27/22
Alumni: Sean Wrona, M.P.S. ‘08

Plant Lover and Earth Advocate
Cornell Alumni News, 4/21/22
Alumni: Sandra Knapp, Ph.D. ‘86

Ed Mabaya Named Director of Cornell’s Humphrey Program
CALS News, 4/14/22
Alumni: Ed Mabaya, M.S. ’98, Ph.D. ‘03

NSF SBIR Phase II Award Mixes Things Up for eLab Alumni Antithesis Foods
eLab, 4/12/22
Alumni: Ashton Yoon, M.P.S ’17, M.S. ’19, and Jason Goodman, Ph.D. ‘21