Alumni in the News

Have you seen a Cornell Graduate School alumnus/alumna featured in the news recently?

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Susan Choi, M.F.A. ’95, Wins National Book Award
Cornell Chronicle, 11/21/19
Alumni: Susan Choi, M.F.A. ’95

Grow-NY Finalists Put Down Roots in NYS Food and Ag
Cornell Chronicle, 11/5/19
Alumni: Eric Mozdy ’93, M.S. ’97, Ph.D. ’98 and Jinzhou “Joel” Li, Ph.D. ’15

Eight Faculty Members Receive Weiss Teaching Awards
Cornell Chronicle, 10/18/19
Alumni: Tasha Lewis, Ph.D. ’09

Seattle Police-Reform Advocate Receives MacArthur ‘Genius Grant’: ‘It Renewed My Hope That People Support This Shift”
Seattle Times, 9/25/19
Alumni: Lisa Daugaard, M.S. ’87

NIH Grants Food Scientists $2.6M to Battle Bacteria
Cornell Chronicle, 9/25/19
Alumni: Sam Nugen, M.S. ’99, Ph.D. ’08; Julie Goddard ’99, Ph.D. ’08; Martin Weidmann, Ph.D. ’97; and Joey Talbert, M.S. ’04, Ph.D. ’08

Professor’s Perceptron Paved the Way for AI – 60 Years Too Soon
Cornell Chronicle, 9/25/19
Alumni: Frank Rosenblatt ’50, Ph.D. ’56; George Nagy, Ph.D. ’62; and Charles Tappert, M.S. ’62, Ph.D. ’67

Ripple Effect: Cornell Helps Restore Long Island’s Shellfish
Cornell Chronicle, 9/24/19
Alumni: Chris Pickerell, M.S. ’93

Belmar Post Office Renamed After Walter McAfee, Who Helped Get Us to the Moon
Asbury Park Press, 9/2/19
Alumni: Walter McAfee, Ph.D. ’49

Murray’s Stockinghall Cheese Tops National Competition
Cornell Chronicle, 8/22/19
Alumni: Ron Ralyea, M.S. ’98 and Matt Ranieri ’06, M.S. ’09, Ph.D. ’13

Study: Red or Blue, Americans Value Effort to Achieve Success
Cornell Chronicle, 8/7/19
Alumni: Christofer Skurka, Ph.D. ’19

Street Smarts: Cornell Paves the Way for Safer Roads in NYS
Cornell Chronicle, 7/25/19
Alumni: Silin Tang, Ph.D. ’15

Rigged Card Game Sheds Light on Perceptions of Inequality
Cornell Chronicle, 7/17/19
Graduate Student: Mario Molina
Alumni: Mauricio Bucca, Ph.D. ’18

By Land and Air, Students to Detect Crop Diseases with Tech
Cornell Chronicle, 7/19/19
Alumni: Michael Gore, Ph.D. ’09

New Imaging Method Aids in Water Decontamination
Cornell Chronicle, 7/8/19
Alumni: Ningmu Zou, Ph.D. ’17

George Nugent Named Interim President of Illinois Wesleyan University
Illinois Wesleyan University News, 6/26/19
Alumni: S. Georgia Nugent, Ph.D. ’79