Alumni in the News

Have you seen a Cornell Graduate School alumnus or alumna featured in the news recently?

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Cell-free biotech enables shelf-stable vaccines on demand
Cornell Chronicle, 2/3/21
Graduate Students: Thapakorn Jaroentomeechai and Tyler Moeller
Alumni: Taylor Stevenson, Ph.D. ’17

David Post Named Dean of Faculty at Yale-NUS College
Yale News, 1/20/21
Alumni: David Post, Ph.D. ‘00

Astronomers Find Possible Hints of Gravitational Waves
Cornell Chronicle, 1/11/21
Graduate Student: Ross Jennings
Alumni: Shami Chatterjee, Ph.D. ’03; Maura A. McLaughlin, Ph.D. ’01; Michael T. Lam, Ph.D. ’16; T. Joseph W. Lazio, Ph.D. ’97; Dustin R. Madison, Ph.D. ’15; and Dan Stinebring, M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’82

Inside the C.I.A., She Became a Spy for Planet Earth
New York Times, 1/5/21
Alumni: Linda Zall, Ph.D. ‘76

Author Q&A: Frederick Resident Sarah Bigham Dishes on her Early Morning ‘Musings’
Frederick News Post, 1/9/21
Alumni: Sarah Bigham, M.S. ‘97

New Imaging Method Views Soil Carbon at Near-Atomic Scales
Cornell Chronicle, 12/21/20
Alumni: Angela Possinger, Ph.D. ’19; Michael Zachman, Ph.D. 18; and Barnaby Levin, Ph.D. ‘17

Food Scientists Mentor International COVID-19 Task Force
Cornell Chronicle, 12/10/20
Alumni: Martin Wiedmann, Ph.D. ’97, and Beth Demmings, Ph.D. ’11

Inspired by His Education, Alumnus Creates Fast COVID-19 Test
Cornell Chronicle, 12/9/20
Alumni: Greg Galvin, M.S. ’82, Ph.D. ’84, M.B.A. ‘93

Mildred Warner Honored by Planning Schools Association
Cornell Chronicle, 11/30/20
Alumni: Mildred Warner, M.S. ’85, Ph.D. ‘97

History Professor’s First Book Earns High Praise and Three Awards
Northern Illinois University Newsroom, 11/12/20
Alumni: Emma Kuby, Ph.D. ‘11

When Developers Seem Fair, New Tech Looks Less Risky
Cornell Chronicle, 11/11/20
Alumni: Katherine McComas, Ph.D. ’00; Hwanseok Song, Ph.D. ’18; and Hang Lu, M.S. ’17, Ph.D. ’18

Alumnus Takes Leadership of Mellon Foundation’s Higher Education Program
A&S Communications, 11/9/20
Alumni: Phillip Brian Harper, M.F.A. ’85, M.A. ’86, Ph.D. ‘88

Alumna Featured in #BlackinCardio Week on Twitter
Twitter, 10/19/20-10/20/20
Alumni: Stephanie Lindsey, M.S. ’13, Ph.D. ‘16

Keeping it Eel: How One Historian is Using Twitter and Medieval Factoids to Help Endangered Animals
Time, 9/25/20
Alumni: John Wyatt Greenlee, Ph.D. ‘20

Superfluid Shows More Surprising Phenomena
Cornell Chronicle, 9/24/20
Alumni: Jeevak Parpia, M.S. ’77, Ph.D. ’79; Douglas Osheroff, M.S. ’71, Ph.D. ’73; and Nik Zhelev, M.S. ’13, Ph.D. ’16

Study: Personal Greatness More Loved than Team Dominance
Cornell Chronicle, 9/2/20
Alumni: Jesse Walker, M.A. ’17, Ph.D. ‘19

Alumni-Fueled Startups Pitch Clean-Energy Solutions
Cornell Chronicle, 8/27/20
Graduate Students: Hailey Scofield and Nathan Oakes
Alumni: Gabriel G. Rodríguez-Calero, Ph.D. ’14; Kristina Hugar, Ph.D. ’15; and Romy Fain, Ph.D. ‘17

The “America is Hard to Find” Rock mass, 50 Years Later
Ithaca Times, 4/2/20
Alumni: Mary Gilliland, M.A. ‘80