Coffman By Stacey Shackford Throughout his 43-year career, Cornell plant breeder Ronnie Coffman has sown seeds of scientific and social change across continents and generations.
2013 Global Summit participants Graduate School Dean Barbara Knuth recently returned from the Seventh Annual Global Summit on Graduate Education in Budapest, Hungary, where she and other university leaders issued a statement on technology's role in graduate education and research.   Below, a press release detailing the Summit outcome:
By Krishna Ramanujan  Hugh Chittenden Shimmering reflectance from the brilliant green plumage of a male Chrysococcyx cupreus (African emerald
Graduate students wait to cross the stage and be hooded. Skepticism, tenacity will serve new Ph.D.s, says Skorton By Krishna Ramanujan
By Daniel Aloi Young-Bryant A new endowed fund and an annual award for Ph.D.