About Us

Welcome to Cornell University's Graduate School!

Graduate study has been a part of the Cornell experience since the founding of the University in 1865.  In fact, Cornell is one of the first institutions of higher education in the United States to offer advanced degrees, and one of the very first to admit women and African American students.  Today, our Graduate School is an intellectually-stimulating, warm, vibrant community of nearly 100 fields of study.

By design, graduate study at Cornell is cross-disciplinary and integrative.  Our students experience considerable flexibility, freedom, and independence in their academic programs.  Students take an active role in defining their degree programs under the guidance of a faculty committee, called the Special Committee. Committee members may be chosen from more than 1,800 faculty members across Cornell’s departments, colleges, and campuses.

Students who thrive in our programs are passionate about their subject.   Many are recognized nationally for their scholarship, research, and public engagement, and make original and substantial contributions to their disciplines.   Our graduates become idea-leaders who drive our global future by advancing discoveries, broadening knowledge, fostering entrepreneurship, protecting and sustaining our natural environment, and developing new technologies.  

At Cornell, we believe that graduate students greatly enhance the intellectual life of the University, and we are dedicated to helping you succeed in your study and your research.  Cornell has a variety of programs ranging from research travel grants to an innovative teaching assistant workshop series that are designed to help you succeed in your studies.

Once again, welcome to the Graduate School, and I wish you success as you embark on your graduate education.

Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School