Staff Directory

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Staff Directory (sorted alphabetically)

Name and title Email Phone

Jan Allen

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 607-255-7374

Holly Boulia

Fellowship Specialist 607-255-5818

Janine Brace

Administrative Assistant 607-255-5810

Kris Corda

Big Red Barn Manager

Demian Cummings

Data Solutions Analyist 607-255-1417

Brenda D'Angelo

Director of Student Services 607-254-4561

Anitra Douglas-McCarthy

Director of Recruitment 607-254-8907

Elizabeth Ellis

Director of Communications

Sara Xayarath Hernandez

Associate Dean for Inclusion and Student Engagement 607-255-3030

Anne Haessner

Service Associate, Registrar

Christine Holmes

Director for Postdoctoral Studies

Jason Kahabka

Associate Dean for Administration

Rhonda Kinley 

Service Associate, Records 607-255-5817

Barbara A. Knuth

Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School 607-255-7374

Sally Kral

Communications and Outreach Assistant 607-254-4558

Rosemary Lang

Manager Data Reporting and Analysis

Janna Lamey

Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Life 607-255-5184

Anne Laughlin

Director of Assessment 607-255-1005

Alyssa Lopez

Program Coordinator and OISE Administrative Assistant 607-255-5417

Kevin Mannella

Administrative Manager

Colleen McLinn

Director, Center for the Integration of  Research, Teaching and Learning 607-255-2030

Mariah McNamara

Director of Admissions and Fellowships


Katie Muro

Graduate Admissions Specialist 607-255-5832

Mike Skinner

Service Associate, Processing

Kelly Tillotson

Executive Staff Assistant 607-255-5864

Shirley Weaver

Graduate Admissions Specialist