Can you help me find a TA who can take over my course this fall?

Date: August 2017


Dear Deans,

Do you know of any graduate students in the life sciences that might be looking to TA in the fall? I’m asking for a “friend” who is looking for someone to take over their teaching responsibilities in BioG 1440 (Intro to Physiology). If so, they can email me directly at


Grad Student Looking for a Grad Student That Would Like to Teach in the Fall


Dear Grad Student Looking for a Grad Student That Would Like to Teach in the Fall:

Thanks for your Ask a Dean question. Usually we post responses in Graduate Announcements anonymously, but given you are asking for a direct response from interested students, we won’t post the response completely anonymously (we’ll include your email contact).

Sometimes graduate students who have agreed to accept a teaching assistantship as their funding for a semester later identify other opportunities they would like to pursue instead, such as a postdoctoral position if they are near completion, or a research assistantship or fellowship. In most cases, the best way to proceed is to discuss the situation with the unit who has appointed you to the teaching assistantship to identify next steps, and with your special committee chair to discuss the implications of your different options.

I understand you (or your “friend!”) have done that in this case, and the faculty director of the Office of Undergraduate Biology is working with you to identify other graduate students who could be considered for this teaching assistant funding opportunity. (Any life sciences graduate students interested in being considered for a TA position for BioG 1440 Intro to Physiology should contact Michael at

We’re happy to post your note to help you and the director identify other life sciences applicants for this teaching assistant opportunity.

Best wishes with your degree completion this fall and your upcoming postdoc position!

Warm regards,


Barbara A. Knuth
Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School