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Educational Opportunities Off Campus

Submit In Absentia Request Now if You’ll be Away for Fall 2022

If you plan to be engaged in full-time study at least 100 miles from campus during the fall semester, you may apply for in absentia status using the online In Absentia Petition form. The deadline to submit the petition for Fall 2022 was June 15th. Petitions filed after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and students may be subject to finance charges and fees. 

Study and Take Courses at Participating Research Universities

Cornell doctoral candidates have the opportunity to conduct research or take courses at a number of top universities as part of the Exchange Scholar Program. You may elect for one or two semesters in residence at any one of the participating universities (Berkeley, Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, M.I.T., Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, or Yale).

Applications must be submitted to the Graduate School a minimum of two months before your intended period of study.

Be proactive and take action now if you plan to be away. In absentia petitions and exchange scholar applications cannot be accepted after the start of the academic term. Contact the Office of Student Services at gradstudserv@cornell.edu or 607-255-5820 with questions.

Student Spotlight

Brianna TateBrianna Tate is a doctoral candidate in animal science from Greensboro, North Carolina. She attended Appalachian State University as an undergraduate and now studies the development of novel nutritional methods to bolster dairy calf immunity.

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Doctoral Student’s Article Published in Biomedicines

Biomedical and biological sciences doctoral student Melia Matthews’ first scientific article, “Mitochondrial Quality Control in the Heart: The Balance Between Physiological and Pathological Stress,” was published in Biomedicines.