2023-2024 Cohort

NextGen Professors

This talented group of graduate students and postdocs spans the major subject areas of humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences and engineering and engages in a series of monthly professional and career development activities. Learn more about the program.

Ahmed Alahmed

Ahmed Alahmed, PhD Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abdullah AlShuaibi

Abdullah AlShuaibi, PhD Candidate , Materials Science and Engineering

Beatriz Carmona

Beatriz Carmona, PhD Student, Nutritional Sciences

Hanyu Chen

Hanyu Chen, Postdoctoral Scholar, Food Science

Sarah Daly

Sarah Daly, Postdoctoral Scholar, Food Sciences

Drea Darby

Drea Darby, PhD Candidate, Entomology

David Esparza

David Esparza, PhD Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Daniel Ferman-Leon

Daniel Ferman-Leon, PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Andrew Foley

Andrew Foley, PhD Student, Management and Organizations

Haiyun He

Haiyun He, Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sarah Kezar

Sarah Kezar, Postdoctoral Scholar, Plant Sciences

Haein Kim

Haein Kim, Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurobiology and Behavior

Anukesh Krishnan Kutty Ambika

Anukesh Krishnan Kutty Ambika, Postdoctoral Scholar, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Yi Lu

Yi Lu, PhD Candidate, Psychology

Joy Ming

Joy Ming, PhD Candidate, Information Science

Imanol Miqueleiz

Imanol Miqueleiz, Postdoctoral Scholar, Natural Resources and the Environment

Julien Morival

Julien Morival, Postdoctoral Scholar, Cell and Molecular Biology

Huong Nguyen, Postdoctoral Scholar, Soil and Crop Sciences

Betul Pamuk

Betul Pamuk, Research Associate and Staff Scientist, Materials Science and Engineering and Applied and Engineering Physics

Katie Randolph

Katie Randolph, PhD Candidate, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Augusto Santos Rampasso

Augusto Santos Rampasso, PhD Candidate, Entomology

Bec Schmitt

Bec Schmitt, Postdoctoral Scholar, Molecular Medicine

Yongxin Shang

Yongxin Shang, PhD Candidate, Public Policy

Katie Simpson, Postdoctoral Scholar, Industrial and Labor Relations

Rachael Skye

Rachael Skye, PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering

Meagan Sundstrom

Meagan Sundstrom, PhD Candidate, Physics

Kim (Hochstedler) Web

Kim (Hochstedler) Webb, PhD Candidate, Statistics

Pengfei Yan

Pengfei Yan, Postdoctoral Scholar, Biological and Environmental Engineering

Shuai Zhou, Postdoctoral Scholar, Global Development