MAC Peer Mentoring Program

The MAC Mentoring Program is a graduate student-run initiative from the Graduate School Office of Inclusion & Student Engagement (OISE). Designed to address the needs of a diversity of doctoral students across all graduate fields through peer mentoring, this program focuses on helping new graduate students identify and form community at Cornell. MAC strives to promote a social environment that is inclusive of all doctoral students at Cornell, with a heightened focus on the needs of those from backgrounds historically excluded and underrepresented within graduate education. MAC will host two monthly events, general body meetings (GBMs) and MAC-Meetups, to help broaden and strengthen a sense of community on campus.

GBMs are monthly full-group events hosted in the Big Red Barn and designed to facilitate engagement among MAC Peer Mentors and Mentees through collaborative activities. MAC-Meetups are more free form monthly meetings planned by the MAC mentors and may take place on campus or in the surrounding Ithaca community. These events are designed to strengthen our MAC community and expose individuals to different activities to participate in at both Cornell and Ithaca as a whole.

Peer Mentors

MAC invites doctoral students going into their second year or beyond, as well as postdoctoral scholars, to apply to serve as peer mentors to support the sense of belonging and success of first-year doctoral students.


  • Currently-enrolled, full-time doctoral student or employed postdoctoral fellow/associate
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must have completed at least one year in a doctoral program


MAC invites first-year doctoral students to apply to participate in the MAC Mentoring Program as mentees, which brings more advanced graduate students and postdocs together with beginning graduate students for monthly discussion sessions focused on common issues faced by early-career graduate students.


  • First year doctoral students


Peer Mentor Application: Apply now. Priority submission date is July 26, 2024, 11:59 pm ET.  

Mentee application will open by mid-August

The MAC Mentoring Program runs on an academic year schedule.


Please contact the MAC co-chairs Helen Stec ( or Ria Gualano (