Highlights from Announcements 7/11/22

Cayuga Lake stretches out beyond the Cornell campus.
Lindsay France/Cornell University

August graduates: See the Registrar section for upcoming deadlines.


August Graduates – Deadline to Submit Your Thesis/Dissertation is August 1st!

Congratulations to students who have reached the finish line and plan to complete degree requirements and graduate this summer. The deadline to submit your thesis/dissertation is August 1st.


Inaugural Ceremony Recognizes Over 200 New Doctoral Candidates

A new doctoral candidate is recognized onstage by Associate Dean Jan Allen in front of a room of new doctoral candidates during the inaugural Admission to Candidacy Recognition Ceremony.

During the spring semester, 212 Cornell doctoral students took their admission to candidacy exam (the A exam). In June, they gathered for the Graduate School’s inaugural Admission to Candidacy Recognition Ceremony. Hosted by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, the event lauded students for achieving the milestone of becoming a doctoral candidate and moving, through research and dissertation writing, to degree completion.

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Student Spotlight

Germán ReyesGermán Reyes is a doctoral candidate in economics from La Plata, Argentina. He attended the Universidad Nacional de La Plata as an undergraduate and now studies why some students perform better than others on standardized exams and how test-score gaps eventually lead to income equality.

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Doctoral Candidate Presents Accepted Paper at ACM Conference

Chinasa T. Okolo presents her accepted paper at the 2022 ACM Conference on Computing and Sustainable SocietiesChinasa T. Okolo, a doctoral candidate in computer science, presented her accepted paper, “Making AI Explainable in the Global South: A Systematic Review,” at the 2022 ACM Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS) in Seattle, Washington.

Doctoral Candidate’s Research Featured in Garden Talk

Jennifer BegakisHistory doctoral candidate Jennifer A. Begakis’s research on financial capitalism and Disney was featured by the Garden, a global community of experts, in a live and live on-demand research talk: “Is Capitalism Disney’s Best Untold Story?” Begakis was selected as a Garden Fellow.