Pets Helping with Remote Working, Teaching, and Learning

Graduate students and staff alike shared photos of their pets helping them work, teach, and learn remotely in 2020. Have a helpful pet you’d like to share with the Graduate School community? Use the link in the weekly Graduate School Announcements newsletter, and we’ll feature your pet!

Memphis the cat sleeping on a chair

Alexandria Albano

Master’s Student, Archaeology

“Memphis has been helping me stay sane and not become lonely. She is a supportive companion during this time while I grade and make final edits on my M.A. thesis. She also loves to steal my desk chair to nap!”

Oscar the catSarah Allen

Doctoral Student, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology

“Oscar wants to remind us all to take a break sometimes!”

Millie the dogKatherine Baker

Doctoral Student, Nutrition

“Now that the weather is getting nicer, Millie is eager to be outside as much as possible. I’ve started working outside (in a private location to maintain social distance, of course) from time to time to mix up my work environment. The fresh air is nice!”

Frank the catKelly Baxendell

Master of Public Health Student

“I always have to leave out an extra notebook for Frank if I’m taking notes because he’ll sit on the one I’m using, even if I’m in the middle of writing.”

Allura the cat laying on papers

Jessica Brey

Master of Professional Studies Student, Horticulture

“Allura doesn’t exactly help but her judgmental looks help me improve my work. When she isn’t judging me she spends her time stealing my highlighters, hah!”

Charlie the dogMichael R. Buche

Doctoral Candidate, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

“This is Charlie. She is a baby. Charlie just turned two on June 9th. Charlie loves to eat, swim, and see other doggies. She is a bundle of pure joy and distracts me all day long while I attempt to work, which I enjoy.”

Detective Munch the dog

Celine Cammarata

Doctoral Student, Human Development

“Detective Munch (a one year-old Russell Terrier) is helping with data analysis.”

Marti Dense and her dog, SadieMarti Dense

Program Administrator, Latina/o Studies Program

“Working from home with some help from Miss Sadie!”

Rosie the dogDenise DiRienzo

Experiential Program Director, Careers Beyond Academia, Graduate School

“Rosie is anxiously waiting for play time. Apparently all the Barbies in the background are not playing with her!”

Moose the dog in front of a computer

Elizabeth Ellis

Senior Director of Communications, Graduate School

“My helper, Moose…always ready to chase a squirrel…”

Molly the ratJullien Flynn

Doctoral Student, Genetics, Genomics and Development

“Molly the rat pauses to check on my script-writing progress.”

Eloise the dog standing on a Big Red Barn flyerJen Forbes

Big Red Barn Operations Manager, Graduate School

“Eloise ‘helping’ by knocking paper off my table then standing on anything that lands on the floor.”

Mango the cat

Tanya France

Doctoral Student, Animal Science

“Mango only wants my attention when my laptop is open! Then I have this adorable face watching my every move!”

Two cats on a desk chairJuliana Gonzalez-Tobon

Doctoral Student, Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology

“These guys were very confused when this all started because they used to colonize my chair as soon as I left for campus every morning. They have progressively accepted that now I need it all day! It is an ongoing negotiation. (You can find more pictures of them at @les_anime_chats on Instagram.)”

Shaun Hogan and dog Milo

Shaun Hogan

Doctoral Student, Physics

“My dog, Milo, is helping me to check some plots before sending them out to the group!”

Earl the cat

Susan Holzmer

Master of Professional Studies Student, Veterinary Medical Sciences

“Earl has decided that the pen is going to have to go.”

Dog destroying bedKatya Hrichak

Communications Assistant, Graduate School

“My dog, Jessie, ‘helping’ me focus during a weekly check-in meeting with my supervisor. A downside to having your workspace in your bedroom!”

Mogli the catBethany Jones

Master’s of Public Administration Student, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

“Mogli helps me by rearranging my desktop files while looking for the perfect sunbeam.”

Llama the cat in his hammockKaitlin LaGrasta

Master’s Student, Archaeology

“Llama snoozing in his cat hammock next to my desk. He spends most of the day sleeping but his office hours are from 3-5pm, during which he yells at me in anticipation of a wet food dinner.”

Bodhi the dog with a reportRosemary Lang

Data Reporting and Analysis Manager, Graduate School

“Here is my dog, Bodhi, fact-checking a few things, before Data Solutions releases a new report. It is good to have a fact-checker!”

Puddy the catAnne Laughlin

Director of Assessment, Graduate School

“My cat, Puddy, likes to ‘supervise’ from a comfy chair or my lap.”

Neko the cat on a deskAstara Light

Doctoral Student, History of Art, Archaeology, and Visual Studies

“My cat, Neko, loves keeping me company while I’m doing research and coursework. Here she is re-organizing my workspace for optimal productivity.”

Ampi the catMax Lipton

Doctoral Student, Mathematics

“Ampi is 15 and has been with me for most of my life, but she’s still going strong! She meows incessantly every night and her speeches are always full of wisdom.”

Mika the cat on a desk

Alyssa Lopez

Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, Graduate School

“Here is Mika testing out my workstation.”

Whiskey the cat on a desk

Colleen McLinn

Executive Director, Future Faculty and Academic Careers, Graduate School

“My animal helper, Whiskey, was excited that I installed a keyboard tray, clearly to free up more top of desk space for him.”

Sleeping cat

Avalon Monti

Master of Public Health Student, Infectious Disease Epidemiology Concentration

“Apparently he does not find survival analysis lectures as interesting as I did.”

Drake the dogLaura Mortelliti

Communications Assistant, Applied and Engineering Physics

“Drake is a six year old rescue who is very quirky and goofy and sometimes snores on the job, but overall he is a great Morale Manager.”

Darla the catChristine Muron

Master’s Student, Archaeology

“Always a multitasker, Darla is an expert in guarding my library books and posing for her next glamour shot. Darla will be celebrating her 19th birthday this summer!”

Heisenberg the cat laying on a laptop keyboardMarika Nell

Doctoral Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

“My cat, Heisenberg, is normally a great mascot and provides moral support for my writing and data processing by napping nearby. Occasionally, he reminds me to take a break by co-opting my keyboard!”

Curu the dog

Rachel Neugarten

Doctoral Student, Natural Resources

“My dog, Curu, helps me keep a consistent schedule, gently reminding me when it’s time to take a break, go for a walk, or stop for the day.”

Yang the catZoe Pollard

Doctoral Student, Biological and Environmental Engineering

“My cat, Yang, always lends a comforting paw while I’m making slides for my A exam!”

Billie the dogRyan Purcell

Ph.D. ’20, History

“Her name is Billie and she is honestly the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She definitely has been helpful with dealing with quarantine.”

Dog and catDonna Pinnisi

Graduate Field and Events Coordinator, Africana Studies

“Yes, my cat is bigger than my dog.”

Fenway the cat

Germán Reyes

Doctoral Student, Economics

“My girlfriend’s cat, Fenway, helps me to find bugs in my code!”

Allie Sholk and Hulu the dog

Allie Sholk

Master of Professional Studies Student, Natural Resources

“Hulu always makes a guest appearance on my Zoom calls, for classes or advising meetings!”

Elon the dogEti Sinha

Doctoral Student, Biomedical Engineering

“Elon (@elonthecav) makes sure I take enough breaks and destress!”

Zeke the birdMike Skinner

Assistant to the Deans, Graduate School

“Our bird, Zeke, not so much ‘helping’, but sometimes expresses himself, beeps like the microwave, screams like a young child, tells the dogs to go lay down.”

Blossom the robot "pet"Michael Suguitan

Doctoral Student, Mechanical Engineering

“Blossom is my robotic research project and assistant who holds me accountable while I write my thesis proposal/his biography.”

Cy the cat surrounded by books

Rob Swanda

Doctoral Student, Biomedical and Biological Sciences

“Cy (short for Cyclohexamide) is keeping up with her beauty sleep during this quarantine with many cat naps! But, she is also staying active by keeping up on the most recent literature, taking long walks, and pouncing on anything that moves. She has been showcasing her photos on her Instagram page as well: @furocious_cyentist.”

Dog laying on dog bedOriana Teran

Doctoral Student, Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology

“Work, work, work so he gets the backyard he deserves.”

Dog covered in dirt

Kelly Tillotson

Executive Staff Assistant, Graduate School

“My helper stinks…literally. She rolled in something nasty and I am burning a candle to cover the smell. At least she manages to look chagrined.”

Maggie the dogAly Trombitas

Master of Public Health Student

“Maggie is wondering when it’s time to stop transcribing lectures and start playing outside.”

Cats around an office chairSusi Varvayanis

Executive Director, Careers Beyond Academia, Graduate School

“I only got up to make lunch…”

Rosalee the catJenny Wilson

Doctoral Candidate, Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology

“Rosalee’s favorite time of day is when the laptop finally closes so she can sleep on it!”

Zina the cat

Teresa Yang

Master’s Student, Animal Science

“Zina ( always keeps me company while I’m working, and tries her best to make sure I’m productive.”

Biscotti the catZheng Yang

Master’s Student, Architecture

“My cat, Biscotti. Although his paw is small, he always tries to provide a helping paw to me while I’m working.”

Java the cat

Mia Ye

Doctoral Student, Computer Science

“While I’m studying, my cat, Java, always quietly sleeps on my blanket beside me.”

Doogan the dog wrapped in a blanket

Fiona Young

Doctoral Student, Mathematics

“In some of my recorded lecture videos, you can hear Doogan barking in his sleep.”

Iris, Umbra, and Charlotte the catsRebecca Zawistowski

Doctoral Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

“My cats (from left to right) Iris, Umbra, and Charlotte all take turns sitting on the table where I work making sure I am being productive.”

Cat in a space themed collarAaron Zucherman

Doctoral Student, Systems Engineering

“I made a space themed collar for him because that is my research area.”