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Applied Economics and Management M.P.S. (Ithaca)

Field of Study

Applied Economics and Management

Program Description

Contact Information

Concentrations by Subject

  • applied behaviorial economics and individual choice (ABEIC)
  • environmental, energy,and resource economics (EERE)
  • food and agricultural economics (FAE)
  • international and development economics (IDE)
  • management


2018-2019: $54,584

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Deadlines:

Requirements Summary:

Learning Outcomes

Persuasively communicate analysis and solutions, including:

  • Express written ideas that are clearly stated and professionally presented.
  • Give an informative and persuasive oral presentations.

Identify problems in complex, ambiguous business situations and provide solutions:

  • Analyze complex business problems using critical techniques, structure, or frameworks to determine what action if any is optimal.

Be lifelong learners and independent thinkers capable of adapting to business problems as they arise:

  • Apply analytical tools and techniques from more than one functional area (EERE, FAE, IDE, or Management) to address a problem.

Have an ethical perspective and a service orientation and live up to the highest professional standards:

  • Behave ethically and resist taking advantage of moral hazard in teams. Persuasively communicate analysis and solutions, including