Highlights from Announcements 10/21/19

NSF GRFP recipients at the reception

NSF GRFP Reception in the Big Red Barn

Reception Celebrates 200+ NSF GRFP Recipients

New and current awardees of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP) gathered at the Big Red Barn for a reception on Oct. 17. This year’s group of new NSF GRFP recipients consists of 51 students, adding to the more than 200 NSF GRFP recipients already on campus.

“We are proud of our students’ many accomplishments and look forward to celebrating all of their future achievements,” said Barbara A. Knuth, dean of the Graduate School. “Cornell is fortunate to have so many NSF fellows on campus. For students who are interested in applying, we provide writing resources to help support their applications.”

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Trailblazing C.V.M. Scientist Passes Scholarly Torch to Granddaughter

Dorothy and Camille Holmes
Left: Dorothy Holmes, D.V.M. ’58, Ph.D. ’73. Right: Doctoral student Camille Holmes.

Upon entering a Ph.D. program at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, first-year graduate student Camille Holmes shared her excitement with a popular Facebook group. Overnight the post blew up, reaching over five thousand people in 24 hours.

In the post, Holmes noted that she was following in the footsteps of her grandmother Dorothy Holmes, D.V.M. ’58, Ph.D. ’73, one of the first women to earn a combined D.V.M./Ph.D. at the college.

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Student Spotlight: Liang Cheng

Liang ChengLiang Cheng is a doctoral student in horticulture from Henan, China. After earning his undergraduate degree from Sichuan Agricultural University, he chose to attend Cornell due to the research being undertaken in his advisor’s lab.

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