Highlights from Announcements 3/22/21

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology Ph.D. Candidate Wins Three Minute Thesis Competition

Bhargav Sanketi presenting his winning 3MT
Bhargav Sanketi presenting his winning 3MT

“My thesis explores the blueprint behind building a small intestine. I call it ‘to be or “knot” to be’,” began Bhargav Sanketi, a doctoral candidate in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, at the sixth Cornell University Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

Alongside seven other finalists, Sanketi presented his dissertation research in just three minutes to a panel of judges and an audience from across campus. Presentations were judged by how clearly and compellingly they summarized their research using only one static slide to a general audience.

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Resource for Instructors in Addressing Recent Acts of Violence: Hate in the Time of COVID

This panel discussion hosted by the Cornell Asian American Studies program aimed to inform students, colleagues, and communities of the longer history of Asian racialization in the U.S. to educate all on diverse resources for anti-AAPI hate reporting and activism and to build coalitions on both the national and local (central NY/Ithaca) levels.

Access the recording of this October 7, 2020 panel discussion.

Grants Help Students Present Research Online

Andrew Foley Tianyao Qu Jonathan Sogin Xin Wang

Travel plans might be on hold but professional development doesn’t have to be.

Andrew Foley planned to attend the 2020 Academy of Management conference in Vancouver, Canada, but the pandemic interrupted his plans. Instead, he presented his paper at the conference’s online alternative, using Graduate School Conference Travel Grant funding toward associated expenses.

“It was still a fantastic experience,” Foley, a management doctoral student, said. “It was great to see how much work our community gets done even while distributed across the globe.”

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Four Tips for Reducing Zoom Fatigue

Are you experiencing Zoom fatigue from frequent videoconferencing? In the first peer-reviewed article deconstructing Zoom fatigue from a psychological perspective, Stanford researchers identify four primary causes and their straightforward solutions:

  1. Cause: Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact is highly intense.
    • Solution: Reduce the size of the Zoom window relative to the monitor size to minimize face size.
  2. Cause: Seeing yourself during video chats constantly in real-time is fatiguing.
    • Solution: Use the “hide self-view” button, which can be accessed by right-clicking one’s photo.
  3. Cause: Video chats dramatically reduce our usual mobility.
    • Solution: Consider where the camera is positioned and how distance or flexibility can be created. Turn the video off periodically during meetings for brief, nonverbal rest.
  4. Cause: The cognitive load is much higher in video chats.
    • Solution: Take an “audio only” break during long stretches of meetings by turning off the camera and physically turning away from the screen.

Read more about the research and proposed solutions.

Alumna Spotlight: Carol-Rose Little

Carol-Rose LittleCarol-Rose Little, Ph.D. ’20, is an alumna of the linguistics program at Cornell, from which she holds a Ph.D. She is now a postdoctoral fellow in the department of linguistics at McGill University.

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Doctoral Student Publishes Essay Engaging with Art Installation

Jehan RobersonJehan L. Roberson, a literatures in English doctoral student, was a Critical Writing Fellow with Recess Art in Brooklyn and recently published an essay that engages the art installation/ritual practice of Ogemdi Ude and Sydney King. The essay is entitled “Ever Present and In Process: Breathing and Grieving with Ogemdi Ude and Sydney King.”