Highlights from Announcements 1/23/23

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ID Card Pickup

New graduate students can pick up their ID cards at the Office of the University Registrar in Day Hall. The office will be open the week of January 23, Monday-Thursday; 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 2-4 p.m.

Checking Enrollment Status and Holds

To check your enrollment status, log into Student Center. Holds are displayed in the Holds box. Holds that prevent university enrollment require immediate attention. Click on “Details” for complete information about the hold and the steps to resolve it.

Cornell required all students to complete the Spring Checklist no later than December 15 (via the Daily Check). Failure to complete the checklist will result in an enrollment hold preventing you from enrolling in classes for the spring term. If you have not completed the checklist, please do so immediately.

Course Enrollment Reminder

All research master’s and Ph.D. students are automatically enrolled for 12 credits in a research course by the Graduate School each academic semester. Below are the GRAD courses and the population each is used for.

  • GRAD 9010 Graduate-Level Research–pre-candidacy Ph.D. students
  • GRAD 9011 Doctoral Dissertation Research–post-candidacy Ph.D. students
  • GRAD 9012 Master’s Thesis Research–research master’s students
  • GRAD 9000 Non-Degree Study–non-degree students
  • GRAD 8000 In Absentia–in absentia students

Students should enroll in field-specific research course offerings with their faculty during the Add period in addition to the GRAD course. At the end of the Drop period the Graduate School will adjust the number of credits in the GRAD course to balance to a minimum of 12 credits. The credit hours for the GRAD course cannot be adjusted prior to this and the course cannot be dropped.

Spring 2023 Stipend Payments

University Fellowships–Ph.D. students should receive their spring 2023 fellowship stipends by January 23. If you have not received your fellowship stipend by January 24, contact your graduate field assistant or the Graduate School Fellowship Office at grad_funding@cornell.edu to ask for a processing update. As a reminder, fellowship checks are generally paid in one payment at the beginning of each semester as a bursar refund. You can enroll in direct deposit for fellowship refunds here.  

Assistantships (TA, GRA, GA, RA)–Students appointed on an assistantship for spring 2023 will receive stipend payments on a semimonthly pay calendar, beginning on January 15. If you have not received your payment by January 16, please reach out to your graduate field assistant (GFA) to remedy the delay. Assistantship stipend payments are paid in semi-monthly increments throughout the semester in Workday. The first and last payments are partial payments; you can find your specific payment details in your appointment letter. Your GFA can help you if you need a copy of your appointment letter for the semester or need directions to enroll in direct deposit.


Graduate School Announces Changes in Doctoral Funding Practices

Dean Kathryn J. Boor speaks with incoming students at the Fall 2022 Dean's Welcome
Simon Wheeler for Cornell University

A suite of policy changes for the 2023-2024 academic year will help to ensure that current doctoral students at Cornell have the financial support they need to successfully complete their degrees. Kathryn J. Boor, dean of the Graduate School and vice provost for graduate education, announced the new requirements to fields and graduate faculty in recent weeks, emphasizing the need to support doctoral students, who play crucial roles in carrying out Cornell’s research and education missions.

Read more about the changes.

Student Spotlight

Dhruv Agarwal stands in front of Ithaca FallsDhruv Agarwal is a doctoral student in information science from Gurgaon, India. He studied computer science at Ashoka University in India as an undergraduate and now looks to design responsible AI technologies for marginalized people in high-stakes settings at Cornell.

Read more about Dhruv Agarwal.

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