Highlights from Announcements 2/25/19

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Seven Graduate Students Receive Wu Scholarships

Seven graduate students were recently awarded Hsien and Daisy Yen Wu Scholarships, which provide recipients with non-designated funds intended to help with any aspect of doctoral study, from research expenses or conference travel to personal living expenses.

The 2019 recipients are Yingjie Bi, electrical and computer engineering; Tinyi Chu, computational biology; Pichaya Damrongpiwat, English; Xi Shen, psychology; Mengran Wang, biophysics; Yuying Zhang, biomedical engineering; and Hao Zhuang, natural resources.

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Student Spotlight: Lory Henderson

Lory HendersonLory Henderson is a doctoral student from Albuquerque, New Mexico. After studying antimicrobial production in cave bacteria as an undergrad at the University of New Mexico, she decided to pursue microbiology at Cornell.

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Graduate Student Research

Zachary StansellZachary Stansell: paving the way for a New York broccoli industry

Zachary Stansell, a fourth-year doctoral student in the field of horticulture, is studying under the guidance of Thomas Bjorkman, professor in the Horticulture Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science.

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Left to right: Anita Xu, Brian Guo, Rick Wang, Rahul Kumar, and Wenni Cai
Left to right: Anita Xu, Brian Guo, Rick Wang, Rahul Kumar, and Wenni Cai

A Cornell team including doctoral candidate Rick Wang and masters student Anita Xu won first place in a regional venture capital investment competition where over 100 universities participated. The team will compete in the global finals in April.

Camacho and mentee Kamuela Yong
Camacho and mentee Kamuela Yong (Photo courtesy of Erika Camacho)

Erika Camacho, Ph.D. ’03, an associate professor in Arizona State University’s School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, received the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s 2019 Mentor Award.

According to AAAS, “The award honors mid-career academics who have mentored a significant number of underrepresented Ph.D. students and have otherwise played an important role in building a science, technology, engineering and mathematics community that includes women, minorities and people with disabilities.”

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From the Office of Off-Campus Housing – Renter’s Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance only protects his/her property. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (and most landlords) encourage or require all renters to consider purchasing renter’s insurance because insurance offers important protection against:

  • loss or damage to your personal property
  • accidents on “your” property that injure other people
  • damage to other people’s property 

Where can you purchase renter’s insurance?

If you already have automobile insurance you may be eligible for a discount from the company if you purchase your renter’s policy from same company. The telephone directory and the web will have additional resources.

More information is available from: